Sunday, February 3


Weeooh…we’re in a real heat wave this morning! I suppose we could attribute it to the good news from this ugly rodent on the left yesterday…but I truly doubt it! I laughed as one TV station ran “Ground Hog Day” over and over, ALL DAY LONG…again and again!
When I was working, that movie was my signature. All the guys laughed as soon as something went wrong, pointing at me and yelling, “It’s ground hog day again!”
Anyway…I looked out the door this morning and saw the thermometer sitting on 19°…a real heat wave compared to the last several mornings.
In a short time, I’ll be going out into the hospice gift shop to start the fire and put the signs out. It’s nice that the one in town and at the end of the road will always be there from now one. That eliminates a trip to put them out and one to remove them. It also reminds motorists every time they pass by too. Yesterday was a good day. We got a lot of things done around the house while watching the gift shop. I replaced a ballast in a light over Vick’s painting desk in her studio, and replaced the busted bulb which shines on the flag pole. Something happened to it and caused it to shatter inside. It looked good last evening when the dusk to dawn sensor turned it on. I saw the pond heater was functioning well too. The fish were very active at swimming all around the heater which floats on the top. Vick made a major difference in the quaintness of the computer room with the addition of her new curtains over the book shelf opening and the window. They work together with the curtains covering the sliding glass door too. Check it out…
This is Vick's design to cover the bookshelf...Beautiful
Matching window curtains...covers the cat door too
Curtains over the sliding glass door
I think working on the ladder while fixing the light was something my new knee wasn’t ready for! Later in the evening it began to ache as though I had run a marathon race all day long. When we went to bed, Vick placed a bunch of acupuncture needles and I relaxed for a half hour.

The needles reduce the swelling and promote healing...
When she removed them, I immediately drifted off to sleep with no more aches or pain in my knee. I slept all night long without awakening. THANKS Vick…I Love you for all you do!

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