Saturday, February 2

Well…here it is, February 2nd and the temperature is 15° above zero…certainly normal for 8:45 AM this time of the year. It will most likely warm up to the high twenties or maybe even make it into the thirties by this afternoon. The sun is to shine all day, so that will help to provide us the warmest afternoon possible. I hope we are possibly over the hump and on the downhill side of cold weather and winter…because the days are getting longer.

Yesterday we went to Albany for more material. Vick started a project in the computer room which has added more country charm. The storage shelf had a double shear curtain hanging across the opening, hiding the stored materials on the shelves, but the cats continued to pull on the shears, putting claw marks and runs in the shear fabric. Vick, with very little help from me in this regard…picked some beautiful material for new curtains. When we got home, she went to work and a bit later…voilà!
Look at the pictures and you'll get the idea. It’s gonna look nice.
The window looks great!
The curtains across the bookcase will look great when finished!
I also loaded her latest stained glass art pieces onto our web site for the farm. I just finished remaking the web site, making it cleaner and easier to maneuver around in.
(see )
I’m adding the pictures of the artwork here before she places them in the Literary Arts Center of the Catskill Mountain Foundation building in Hunter, NY.

Charolette's Web... Wilbur the Terrific Pig & Charolette
Dragonfly in the Sky....
Guess Who's Coming For Dinner.....
Pine cones - Original watercolor under glass...
Peeping Tom - Cat behind the curtains peeking out....
Serenity - What else need be said....
Summertime...And the Living is Easy...
I’m sure she will sell them quickly in that establishment, because thousands of people visit that gallery and everything there is for sale. Many visitors from the ski resorts buy artwork from there to take back to the city and surrounding areas of New Jersey, Baltimore and Philidelphia, or whereever they call home. 
It’s now time to go to the hospice gift shop and open for the day. I’ll start a fire and get it nice and cozy in there for anyone who stops in passing. We now have permanent signs in town and at the end of our road for passing motorists to follow. Here’s hoping for a good day for all……hospice included.
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