Thursday, January 31

Here it is …Thursday…the last day of January and it’s warmer than it has been for quite awhile. In fact, all the snow has melted from yesterdays near 50° temperatures…and even though the mercury is now dropping, we’re glad to be rid of the snow. It’s just our hope that the drop and coming cold, does not usher in another round of snow that we will again have to deal with. If it would fall everywhere with the exception of accumulating around the barns, pasture and fields near the barns, I wouldn’t care, but the snow around the building makes it hard to care for the animals, move feed and the animals don’t like it either.

Tomorrow begins the harshest month of the winter…but also the shortest month of the year, so we’re hoping February goes as fast as the other months have gone and we will be looking at March before long. Once there, we will be on the downhill slide toward spring. Oh sure, we can still have big snows in March or early April, but they will not last. The weather in these months can be severe, but short lived…snowing one day and thawing the next. It won’t be long until we begin seeing Hyacinth, Crocus, and Daffodils popping through the leave cover…reaching for the sun’s warmth.

We have been sloughing around…staying indoors, out of the cold, working on a new web page for the farm, (which is done) and preparing tax papers for our accountant. There is cleaning around the barns, in the barns and building to do….but not in this weather, that’s for sure.

Today they are calling for high, damaging winds which are coming in with a cold front. The high wind alert is in effect until six this evening. They warn of fallen trees and limbs which could potentially cause power outages. We feel pretty secure with the standby generator which will run everything we need here on the farm…Both house and all barns! The propane tank is filled, so we will have heat, water, lights and cooking facilities as if nothing ever happened. That can last for several days without being a burden.

For the sake of all our neighbors who do not have such provisions, we pray for no outages during this wind storm proceeding more cold weather. People will need their furnaces and heaters this evening with temperatures below freezing from this evening on.   

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