Monday, January 28

What a refreshing change to come down the stairs in the morning, open the door, leave the dogs out and look at the thermometer which read 18°.
I know when it’s 18° at 6:30 in the morning, we will surely see somewhere in the high 30's today. If not, no big deal, because it is still much warmer than it was last week when we were below zero or in the single digits.

Today when I open the doors to leave all the animals out...feed and water, I will be able to shut off some of the heat lamps that we placed above the animals. Having six heat lamps running in the bunny brothel actually helped to keep the temperature in there about 20° warmer than the rest of the barn.
We even placed one infrared heat lamp above the alpacas. Phoenix and Slugger both laid underneath it most of the time. This is not surprising since the Suri alpacas have dreadlocks instead of fluffy, thick fiber like the Huacaya alpacas have. The dreadlocks do not afford much insulation for the animal, because you can almost see the skin as the long straight fibers twist among themselves making the dreadlocks. The Huacaya fiber is like having a 3 to 4 inch blanket upon your back. Usually the weather doesn’t even penetrate the Huacaya’s coat, but rather lies upon the surface of the fluffy matt. A hard, driving rain will penetrate, but they don’t seem to care.

Anyway...we will be able to turn off the heat lamps today and hopefully we will not have to turn them on again this winter.

Its Monday again, so we will be going to Delmar for Vick’s acupuncture appointment. That gives me a good two hours of reading on my Kindle, or writing or just taking a snooze in the waiting room.

I suppose we will stop somewhere for lunch before returning home, and then I may work on taxes, the webpage or QuickBooks… Whatever seems the most important at the time.

We had the hospice gift shop open all weekend long and did not have one customer. This is the first weekend that we had the store open and no one stopped in. I hope this is not a trend for the future and that things pick up and people start to pass the word, as we continue our endeavors to provide additional funding for the community hospice program. We do accept cash donations from anyone wishing to do so and you can go to our website Nature's Friend's of Hospice, Inc. where you will find a donate button for cash donations.

Remember… A hospice friend is a friend for life!

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