Thursday, March 21

Capital District Gargen & Flower Show - Troy, NY

Here we are, into Thursday already…the twenty-first of March, two days into spring and we are suffering 30° temperatures with crunchy snow on the ground. Next week will solve these problems though, for they are calling for temperatures in the forties from Sunday on through the rest of next week, ending with 50° next Saturday! Now that’s what we’re talking about for spring weather. We are so ready for mild temperatures, sun and plenty of songbirds singing about spring’s arrival.
The Capital District Flower & Garden Show is actually tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday, but unless we go tomorrow, we will not attend, because we open the hospice gift shop every Saturday and Sunday.   

Money is tight, but I know Vick loves the garden displays and there were so many times in the last four years that I couldn’t even walk around with her because of my knees…so we’ll have to make an effort to move funds around to go this year. I’ll just sell something on eBay to raise the ticket money to get into the show and have dinner afterward so Vick doesn’t have to miss it again. After all, you only live this life once and who knows if we’ll even be interested in the garden show in our next life…
The fiber combs I made are almost ready to go on sale on our website but I have to come up with a competitive price first. I also have to get a label on them, with our name on it.
All we need to do is apply a label, a price for the set
and put it on our site with the fiber swift & drop spindle.
We have a few errands to run today, along with picking up my prescription at Wal-Mart, so we’ll work on finding the right material to do the labels too.  

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