Sunday, March 17

Sunday again…and only three days from the beginning of spring and we are suffering a 20º morning temperature with a promised high of a whopping 34º today! NOT what is expected by me as an approach to spring. I want high forties or low fifties…sunny skies with spring smells…birds singing and plants popping through the moist spring earth.
Our son and daughter-in-law from L.I. are up to visit and spent the afternoon here with us and later dining at Pegasus Restaurant in Coxsackie last evening. They had a breakfast or luncheon date with an old friend of Loraine’s , after which, they will come here until it is time to head back to Long Island again, later this afternoon.
We had the gift shop open yesterday from 10 AM until 4 PM as usual and only enjoyed the presence of one couple, who simply browsed for two minutes and left. I guess we are a disappointment to some and a great thing to others. Sometimes I believe it has to do with how close you have been exposed to hospice and how the program works and the important things it does for a terminally ill patient and their family. Most people that have not been exposed to the program, shy away from it and don’t even want to talk about hospice, but as soon as a family member utilizes the service, people become staunch supporters of the program.
No matter the length of time it takes, Vick and I are committed to running this gift shop and supplying whatever amount of financial support we can for the community hospice…and through our determination and resolve, we will see it prosper and the donations increase until it is a thriving venue supporting our community hospice. All it will take is time for the good people of the surrounding areas to fully and regularly support us as we strive to supply the seven county program with needed funding which helps to provide the preservation of dignity and comfort for its patients.

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