Thursday, March 14

Thursday morning and all is well…except for the lousy sinus drip both Vick and I have right now. We spent the day in the barn yesterday with our hired helper and the dust was a killer… Vick was feeling lousy last evening with the drip making her throat sore. Mine had been sore a day before, but I’m in the chicken coops every evening feeding...when the chickens stir up lots of dust by flying off the roost to eat. I should wear a respirator then…especially now that I have a sinus attack in progress.
Coming down the stairs this morning, I was struck by the beauty of this Hibiscus blossom…
It's really beautiful. This plant spends the entire summer on the rear deck where it blossoms all summer long. We bring it in as soon as it starts to get cold, placing it under the growing light on the landing of the steps going upstairs. Vick starts our vegetables for the garden on that landing in the spring, placing lettuce and tomatoes under the light along with other seeds. Soon the Hibiscus tree will move to the picture window with the succulents until it can go outside again to the rear deck.
On a new note, as you might know...we make and sell fiber tools here on the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm. We use these to process our own fiber right here on the farm, from start to finish.
The Cluckin' "A" Critter Farm Fiber Comb...
Made in the basement from Oak and stainless steel....
The handle is mounted at a special angle to the needles.
Ergonomically designed, this eleminates arm and hand fatigue...
They will be available as a hand set or a table mounted set...
We are now going to make them available to the public and will be selling them in our farm store this summer. See the following:,_llc_013.htm  There you will find all the fiber tools we now have and ones that we will have sometime in the near future. Soon these fiber combs will be available as a hand held pair and also as a table mounted set. Keep watching the products page of  for all updates and additions. We’re excited to have our own line of fiber tools to offer folks so they can easily purchase them here along with our raw and finished fiber. The main thing that everyone loves, is that EVERYTHING sold here comes from here. Nothing is bought from overseas, but is instead either grown or manufactured here on the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm, LLC by hand. Vick cleans and processes the fiber by hand, dyes it on the back porch, we card it with our combs into bats and roving and then Vick spins it on her wheel, making regular and art yarns.
From animal to finished product, MADE RIGHT HERE!
This will be a special weekend because our son and his wife from Long Island will be up here to visit. They stay in Albany and come to the farm to visit. No visit happens that Bill doesn’t go to the comic book store on Central Avenue, where he spends hours looking and digging through piles and piles of comic books, all the while chatting with the book store owner.  Lorain has an old friend she will meet over lunch one day, so they have their agenda prepared for themselves. We will dine at Pegasus Restaurant in Coxsackie one evening and will go to lunch another day before they leave. It will be a good visit for them, because their jobs and stress on Long Island pertainning to the nasty weather (snow and Sandy) of the last two years, caused them to miss their visits. They are ready to visit and relax a bit.

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