Friday, March 8

So, who hasn’t had enough of this winter thing…and is about ready to go to Punxsutawney, PA to choke that little dirt rodent they so greatly revere? He’s a stupid little moron that can’t tell the weather and simply creates hate and discontent when he pretends to NOT see his shadow…and then has everyone expecting an early spring. That ground rat then sits in his burrow snickering as he thinks about us being disappointed by the many snowstorms we will endure before spring actually arrives.

Hurray for all the groundhog hunters out there…keep trying, some day you’ll get ol’ Phil and who will be snickering then?

There are a bunch of disappointed and helpless people along the eastern sea shore that won’t see the humor in today’s post…and rightfully so. It is very serious down there, as they brace for another beating at the hands of Mother Nature. There will be 25 foot waves, excessive winds and snow everywhere from New England through Upstate New York, NYC, Long Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and around D.C.

Some places received two feet of wet, heavy snow that took out power lines, downed trees and collapsed roofs.

We are going to be fortunate here in Greenville again, because we might get up to four inches of snow….or we may get rain or nothing, who knows. It depends on where this thing tracks and how rapidly it blows back out to sea.

OHHH JEEEZE UM…as I’m writing, I’m listening to the weather channel on TV. They have now just upgraded our area to 5” to 8”, with the potential for a foot! If that is the outlook for us, how miserable has it become for the poor folks along the coast now? This is only getting worse, so I guess Vick and I need to go fill the fuel cans so we can be ready to deal with major snow. I already put fourteen bags of pellets onto the porch. Perhaps I will bring another ten bags onto the porch before the end of the day so they are close by. It’s nice to jump out onto the porch, grab a bag and duck back into the warm house. We have plenty of propane, so if we lose power, the generator can supply us with electricity for heat, water and cooking until it comes back on. Business as usual can continue on the farm with full power in the barns and water.

Thank God we can provide for the animals, for he has provided for us!

Here are a couple of pictures of the snow and Vick’s latest masterpieces. It combines both stained glass and metalworking in her new multimedia style. The pictures and a link or two to my YouTube page and videos of Snavely Mill and Gladys are below.   
Gladys is recouperating nicely...she is well fed, rested and happy

She no longer has to worry about predators at night.

Glass, tubing, wire and solder....

It is very lifelike in detail....

This morning's snowfall...Tomorrow's flood....

A lot to disappear in 50 degree temps soon...

Here today....gone tomorrow.

Snowing again....
Snavely Mill sleeps well?????
Gladys is happy and well.....

And the last link has to be clicked on for some reason. I don’t know why, but YouTube can’t find this video like the others above????? It’s cute and funny….worth clicking on it'

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