Sunday, March 3

Sunday again and here we are sitting in the hospice gift shop at 10:40 AM. I thought maybe today was going to start off on a new note, for a white Chevy pulled into the driveway, a girl got out and ran to the porch as the guy continued on, to park in the spot beside the truck. When she entered the shop, she immediately said “we’re lost….can you help us?”
“Curses…spoiled again!” I thought as I told her and then her hubby how to get to Bryant’s plaza, where they were looking to find Caldwell Bankers. I didn’t mention that they might not be open on Sunday, because they probably knew for a fact that they were open and most likely had an appointment. Oh well, we will just sit here and write while hoping for a few stragglers out riding around. Many people are getting cabin fever and are out looking for anything interesting or exciting after being cooped up all winter at home. I now have the computer system capable of being on-line when necessary…and have updated all the anti-virus protection to stop an attack. I have downloaded several programs to be used while we are awaiting customers, thus reliving the boredom of being the proprietor of the gift shop. We now have iTunes downloaded and our library consisting of 3.36 GB of music will run for 2.3 days, non-stop without our hearing anything twice! I have the ability to add chapters to my latest book called “Life in the Barren World”, which is a compilation of short stories…all true and all about me. Each story is comprised of adventures from my adolescent years ten through twelve and I amaze myself at the things one remembers from those years. It also amazes me that there spans in between these memories where there is absolutely no recollection of anything. Small insignificant things do come to mind, but have nothing leading up to, or after these trite tidbits of recall. I laugh as I recall and put to paper the antics of my youth…especially because when I transcribe the conversations today, I can see the facial expressions of my friends as I saw them back then. Would I want to go back to those times...those times of carefree abandon for the worries of the world? Would I again like to be in the Barrens, running here and there with my friends...getting into mischief at almost every turn? Would I again like to return to the early sixties when winters were blistering cold, snow fell three feet deep on a regular basis…back to no indoor bathroom, a house that you froze in, where water in a tin beside your bed froze overnight. Do I want to go back to a time where I ate wild game and little else, because my Father worked twelve to thirteen hour days six and seven days a week for $65.00 to $70.00 on his paycheck? Aside from being around all my family members who have passed and are now long gone…NO. The road of my life was too long, dirty and it took such a toll on me that I will relish these memories and reserve my spot among my family members as they await my arrival someday. Like I said…for right now, the memories of my carefree childhood in the Barrens and family members that passed will more than suffice.  So now, let’s step back into our chilling present. It is a mere 31  and the mud is frozen solid. The standing puddles are almost frozen, but you break through a skiff of ice to then sink to your ankles in mud. Oh well, someday spring will arrive. Until then, I guess I’ll snap some pictures for you all and stay in the gift shop the rest of the day. Here are two live feed videos from YouTube. Just click the links and enjoy. are pictures of Vick’s finished stained glass clock and the animals from this morning’s feeding.

The finished stained glass clock with hands to tell time.....

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