Sunday, March 10

What a beautiful Sunday! The sky is blue and blotched with puffy white clouds here and there. They promise that the thermometer will reach 47º, but I would really be surprised if it doesn’t top 50º before late afternoon. These temperatures are just what we ordered for us to enjoy more spring like days…and after this winter, who isn’t ready for spring? We just turned all the clocks ahead, so we’re past that point and Vick says the first day of spring is on Wednesday, March 20th…not to awfully far away…like only ten days! We are definitely on the downhill side of winter and I love it. Another couple of weeks and I will have the transit out plotting the bases for the floor of our farm store.
The snow is melting like gangbusters.....

The front of the gift shop...boards protect shrubbery.

The side seen from the main road....

My writing desk when there are no customers....
I did some maintenance and repair in the gift shop yesterday, so since I’ve completed all that and it is warm and cozy in here, I’ll begin writing a chapter to my book. That is as soon as I go in and find something to eat. I’m hungry! Vick will tell you that I’m always hungry and she calls me her little fat boy. I hope that an endearing term!!!!Here are more pictures to enjoy after reading this.

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