Thursday, April 25

An Oasis on the Rear Deck is Imminently Close…

Yesterday we let the critters all out, fed and watered, went to Liddy and Allen’s for feed and wood chips and that ate up most of the day. Vick had a project in mind for the rear deck, so the other day we went to Lowe’s and picked up a piece of weather resistant plywood, some stockade fencing and two plastic tubs to complete her dream Oasis for the deck. I must admit that it seemed to be something that excited her more than me, but I always try to do what she wants, because she deserves to see her dreams come true too…because she always strives to help mine happen.
In the afternoon, we went to Helderberg Bluestone for some large ballast rock for the edging. We handpicked 550 lb. of limestone ballast and once they were loaded into the truck, we were on our way home. Josh, our helper, met us here at the house when we returned…unloaded the feed and chips into the barn and then helped with the deck project.
First we replaced the stockade fencing on the upper deck which was rotting away and would have detracted from the beauty of the deck project. With that finished, we went to work making the plywood section and installed the plant tub and rock edging. It looked much better than I even imagined.
Congratulations Vick…you envisioned this one before I did!
I think it is going to look great when completed, covered with mulch, with lots of flowers on both sides the rock fountain.
Today, if my finger can stand it, we’ll finish the other side and go for mulch somewhere.
We'll finish this and I'll patch the lattice damage...
The new stockade fencing looks great...
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  1. As always, everything you guys do turns out great.

    1. You might think you're anonymous, but I know who you are!!!! LOL... Love you Sis, Miss you even worse!!!!!!!

  2. Looks great!

    1. Thanks Paula, stay tuned for the finished pictures......


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