Saturday, April 20

Ding, Ding, Ding...Round Ten

 Well folks, you'll have to view todays post as best you can today, because Blogger is doing it's old crap again and you can't do anything with the program.

Ding, ding, ding…next round…in the Skip Vs anything that can happen will super fight! Ever since last Thursday or Friday I have had a bum hand. I can’t open a door, lift feed bags or open them because I somehow damaged a blood vessel or nerve in my left hand. It thumps like a toothache any time it feels like it and if I aggravate it, yowl! What’s new? All I have to do is turn around and I have some new ailment that keeps me from doing what I have been waiting to do all winter long. I figured once spring arrived and I had the new knee, I would be sitting pretty. Now I’m sitting pretty much of the time, waiting for this stupid finger to heal.

At least I could hold Max for Vick to give him his penicillin shot since we started treating him for the two big bumps on the side of his face. One is far back on his lower jaw and the other is just in front and under his eye on the same side. We are at a loss for what it is and can’t believe it is two tooth issues at once. He is eating normally and although the night before last, he didn’t seem eager to chew, he guarded his food bowl and finally ate it all himself. This evening he ate normally and was chewing his cud later. He acts perfectly normal in every other way.    

This evening we had rain. The willow stick on the rear deck never lies! It was straight down and shortly after seeing that and while cooking dinner on the grill, the weather channel said we were going to have severe thunderstorms. They missed us…going around both sides, as usual. I heard the thunder far off, but nothing close. We did however get the rain our grass needs to be able to grow lush and deep green. The alpacas will love that too. They are certainly tired of hay.

So now we wait….wait for my stupid finger to heal so I can get busy doing what I’ve waited so long to do…clean up and build and enjoy spring and summer….
Yesterday afternoon we went to a local store and on the way home, saw this strange growing tree in a little wooded lot with a pond.

The great bent tree...

Bending over backwards to please someone...
See old resort in the background....

Vick's helper in the garden checking the garlic....
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