Monday, April 1

Hi All, Yes we’re alive and well…and just had a usually uneventful Easter meal yesterday after watching most of the Easter movies on TV. It’s funny…this year there were a multitude of Easter movies on, starting a week before Easter, while last year, as I remember, there was not but one movie on in the entire week of Easter and that was on Easter evening. Why the change this year? Is it because we as Americans see the decline of our United States since our government has allowed the removal of God and Jesus from everything to please the non-believers? Perhaps….we’ll see. Anyway, I was pleased to have so many movies about the Bible and Jesus for the holiday. As long as I can have mine, everyone else in the world can have theirs too, I don’t mind, nor do I care that they believe differently than I. I respect their belief and am reverent in their homes and will join in their celebration and worship as long as I do not have to renounce Jesus…but worshiping their God…my God…the one and only…the same God, would be a crazy thing to abstain from because of a different religious denomination. Therefore, rejoice along with your host.
I snapped a few pictures and placed a neat video of our Casey Mae doing her “Froggy Dance”, named so because she lies on her belly with her legs out stretched straight behind her like a swimming frog.     When we started singing a little ditty song about it, she just naturally sat up and started spinning back and forth and around in circles…usually while stretching her neck, looking straight up and barking or howling like a fool puppy…How simply funny and precious for a looney dog to act. She is such a lover and Pam Leslie, the breeder we purchased her from, told us the day we picked her up at eight weeks…“You’re gonna have lots of funs with this puppy, she’s gonna be funny!” Now how did she know at such an early age??? She is positively a comedian.
Today we go to Albany for acupuncture.
We’re back from Albany and while in there, we stopped at Lowe’s for my board to make the table mount for the fiber combs. I will offer a hand held set and then a set with the table mount. Keep watching our farm site under “Products to see the fiber combs, drop spindles and yarn swifts we offer there. In the mean time, here are the other pictures.
Hey bud...wake up...yer crowdin' me Pup...
Huh?  Oh, Hi Kallie Kat...Ummmmmmmm....
Ohh, like you smell fish?
Phew.....I'm serious been eatin fish?
Come on Kallie Kat....quite breathin' on me!!!
Oh man...this is off sardine breath...Yuck!
Okay...Mom...a little help here Please...lose the cat!
Thirty-Five green, leafy bales for the boys....
So handy...over the fence and into the containers.....
The happy recipients...cud chewin' time!
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