Tuesday, April 2

April 2, 2013… spring is here by more than thirteen days and we woke up to twenty degrees this morning. The high is threatening all of thirty-seven degrees and only thirty-nine tomorrow. The really funny thing is that Thursday it will be fifty-three degrees! Talk about mood swings…Mother Nature sure is in a fickle mood. One must be really careful right now about spring fever and planting flowers, because you’ll most likely get nipped! A few years ago (and even last year…just a bit) we got zapped with a frost nip that killed or (last year) nipped the edges of the Heliotropes we planted too early. It was even after Mother’s Day last year… AND STILL…the flowers got a nip from frost.
When we get past today and tomorrow, we will be back into the spring temperatures of the fifties, but we will still refrain from planting too early this year, because healthy Heliotropes make the entire rear deck smell like a mixture of sweet vanilla and anise…. (At least to me anyway)
Dutchess has an appointment with the vet for a blood draw to check her levels for the Thyroid meds she takes morning and evening. She has turned into a completely different dog since her diagnosis of hypothyroidism a year ago. She dropped a massive amount of weight and became much more active…actually playing with the other dogs and running! Before, she did not get off the couch except to eat or go out to do her business. I’d guess the levels are still good, but we have to have them checked to be      sure.
When we get home, I’ll work on fiber combs and the table top version and get them on our website and eBay. Later this evening, I’ll work on marketing…. And that will more than fill my day until it is dark enough to put the animals away and feed and water for the night.             
Just for fun, I added some pictures below. The building is an example of how architecture might look if you were a cross-eyed builder. Take a few minutes and look at the foundation, the brickwork and finally, the window openings and installed windows. It made me laugh all the way home.
What do you suppose happened to those center windows?
Hey Mo, give me some more of those curved bricks we have...
In light of the brickwork, the roof is surprisingly straight
Where the heck do ya buy those windows?????
Actually, I think they're rather cool looking.....

you could conceivably call it "Country Architecture"!
Sure signs of spring are when you look out your car window and see the last several pictures……Cool!
Back from a long winter flight....
Heading for the water and a bite to eat...

First they'll land and enjoy some fresh grass....
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