Sunday, May 5

Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down…..

The chickens have kicked in…they are laying eggs at a record pace for the number of birds left in our flock. We have greatly reduced the number of birds over the last year due to the feed cost. We still need to cull some of the older birds that don’t lay eggs anymore and get some new Comets to replace them. It just doesn’t pay to feed birds that don’t pay for their feed with eggs. Still, we are getting a nice number of eggs everyday.

The Canadian geese will soon have their litter of goslings. The Momma has been sitting for about three weeks now and she could have hatchlings any day now. She moves and rolls the eggs regularly, maintaining warmth and humidity from her wetted feathers. Daddy goose stands vigilant guard, ready to tangle with any threat to the Momma as she does her part on the nest.

We had the alpacas, sheep and Max, our Llama out grazing on the front yard grass the other evening. They chomped and “mowed” the grass, so we wouldn’t have to. Seems like such a waste to mow it when they can eat it!

Max's lump is coming along fine...It looks good and feels soft.

Yesterday Vick finished the flowers in the back deck project and I installed the new dusk to dawn solar lights in each end corner of the garden. It turned out beautifully….don’t you agree?

After finishing the deck project and having a little lunch, we went to the garden where we roto-tilled the beds, placed an entire bed of onion sets and planted two mounds of potatoes. We will begin stacking the tire, as soon as the plants grown above the height of a tire. The garden is off to a good start and looks just as good…

I don't know what it is....but it needs a haircut!

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