Tuesday, May 7

Moving Further Into the Arrival of Spring And Loving It!!!

 Yesterday was burnt in Delmar and Colonie as Vick made her acupuncture appointment with Jordan Su and I did my usual reading/snoozing session in the parking lot. After a nice two and a half hour session, we traveled on Colonie where we ate and stopped at Home Depot for a few small items. We ran onto a glass topped table for on the rear deck that was an unbelievable $69.00 and grabbed it! Most tables are well over one hundred and some are over two hundred dollars, so we have been holding off on an expenditure that large for a table we would only use on occasion. At that price, we could not pass it up!

On the way down Central Avenue in Colonie, we viewed a sight seldom seen…and even though it was sad, it was hilarious too. As we were stopped at a red light with four lanes of through traffic and two turning lanes…a man in a motorized wheelchair came from a side street and in a weaving manner, crossed the lanes of traffic as cars were whizzing by! He proceeded to weave in and out of moving traffic until he got to the opposite side of the busy street and into a mall entrance, then turned into a Burger King drive through lane and (in his motorized wheelchair) ordered something to go!!! Vick and I about flipped! This was one gutsy crippled dude with an obvious need for a burger fix!
Jeeze Um…will wonders ever cease???????
We are still awaiting the arrival of the goslings belonging to the Canadian goose at the end of our lake. It will be any day now.
Josh will show up today to clean barns and we will get him to help remove the ten ton picnic table on the rear deck, taking it to the left side of the lake to be used there. The new glass topped table will then take up residence on the rear deck near the new flower garden project.
We saw another new thing the day before yesterday…a blue heron swimming! We have seen them wading many times as they catch little bluegills in the lake, but this guy was in water that was over ten feet deep! See his pictures below.

Later that day, we went to our friend’s Phil and Shelly’s farm called Brooklyn Alpacas, to see their new arrival…a Cria born a day before to one of his female alpacas. There are several pictures of the beautiful little girl below.

Sitting on the deck in the mornings, sipping coffee and listening to the water in the little waterfall is accented by the view of the new and beautiful leaves and blossoms coming out. Look at these sights adding to the beauty of mornings.

Each day thereafter offers more and more beauty as spring progresses toward summer….

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  1. We often hear "stop and smell the roses". You and Vicki have always made it a priority to do just that whice is wonderful.

  2. Yes, we try to do that...and I remember when we had you doing that with us too.... Times we miss greatly with such a vast area between us now! I promise when you come to visit, we'll do more of the same...


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