Friday, May 10

It’s More Like Summer Than Spring Here Already…

We have all but completed the transformation of the rear deck into what we have always wanted. A place cozy enough to sit and watch the chickens and ducks on the pond, a place to eat our breakfast and lunch…and a place to simply sit and read a book on a calm summer day. We have the new table and fireplace in position and the umbrella shields most of the sun during the hot time of the day.

What a beautiful, comfortable place to read, with the waterfall sounding in the background…as chickens and ducks communicate with one another and birds sing all day long.

It seems the Canadian wild geese feel comfortable and safe here, because they come to within four feet of Vick and me throughout the day, in different places around the farm.

The female is still sitting on her nest, along with our Heritage breed Royal Palm hen. She now has four eggs in her new nesting box we made and placed in the coop yesterday afternoon. Tina still lays an egg regularly, but she is fat and clumsy, stepping on the eggs and breaking them, so we made this box so she would not get on the nest of the Royal Palms. Tina will probably sit in a corner elsewhere, thus leaving the other eggs to hatch. I want to hatch a large brood of Royal Palms, using the females for egg layers and any toms as holiday table fare of the utmost quality and fine taste. Royal Palm Heritage breed birds are far superior in taste to the broad breasted whites or broad breasted bronze turkeys usually sold. What better way to raise a brood than to let the female do it for us? Au-natural, no fuss, no mess….
Wow...everything is beginning to blossom and green up as we progress toward summer. The trees are beautiful and the flowers around the hospice gift shop are beautiful...yet not as pretty as they will become in a few more weeks.


The only concern, is the usual. The water level seems to be ever dropping daily. I need to survey the condition of the breast to make sure it is lack of inflow and not leakage. If it is leakage, I can fix that, but lack of incoming water to match what evaporates is totally out of my hands......

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  1. Everything is looking so pretty, I love it.


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