Sunday, May 12

Rain Dampens Allergies and Surely Our Blog Content Too!

Since the rain yesterday, my allergies have dampened down to almost nothing. My nose is no longer stuffed and the seemingly perpetual headache behind my eyeballs has gone always completely. Ahhh, did we experience relief and boredom as a result of the falling rain and lack of ability to do anything outside? Well, relief from those nagging allergies was welcomed positively…and being unable to work outside due to the rain? Now that was a blessing, for we were able to sit on the porch, in silence, and listen to the rain falling as we closed our eyes and relaxed. (See Casey Mae below)
Just relaxing with her eyes closed....
I whispered Casey Mae...she slowly turned & opened her eyes...
 We had a couple of slices of pizza from Papa Jack’s down in Freehold last evening just before dark. Jack just opened the little pizzeria in Freehold this past week, which will be a blessing for all of us in and around the Greenville area. His pizza is truly the best….both his regular and Sicilian!!!!! He also runs Pie Sano’s in Catskill, NY too. He has been there for over ten years and on the mountain by Acra prior to that.

He will do well, because he is in the same building, next to Charlie’s Angels ice cream parlor, which will end up a mutual draw for both new businesses.

We still lack customers in the hospice gift shop. Last weekend, we did about sixty dollars and so far this weekend, we had a bicycling person stop in, just to see what was going on. Perhaps today we will sell something to raise some money for the program.

The animals were out yesterday until the rain started, and then in between showers. The chickens go in and out, but the ducks are in ducky heaven with the rain of course. It was a little difficult to get them in last night, because of the night crawlers and toads being out in the rain. They just don’t want to quit pickin’ and eatin’!

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