Tuesday, May 14

How Very Boring Our Lives Sometimes Are, But Only to Us Though… I Guess

I fail to find something interesting to write about day after day. Even though there are some days that are interesting, most to me are mundane…and some are downright boring to say the least. Sometimes we have a special event scheduled or a day trip planned, which gives me plenty to write about and I have pictures to post, but many days I have neither to offer.

Yesterday was one of those days! Being Monday, we went to Delmar for Vick’s acupuncture appointment…and I read and snoozed in the parking lot for the hour and a half that Vick was in the office with Jordan Su. When we left, we stopped at Lowe’s and WalMart for some screen for the doors and fruit for us. We also stopped at Jill’s and bought some flowers. We left them in the car overnight so the 32° temperatures this morning would not kill them. We covered the planted ones on the deck with plastic to safeguard against freezing or frost if we got any.

Still seems boring to me…yet Bill, our stepson who lives on Long Island will argue that our life is always exciting. I disagree. Sometimes!

Now…shearing day for the alpacas will be exciting and there will be plenty of photo opportunities that day.

Plotting the boat / woodshed will be interesting and offer a few photo moments, but nothing earth shattering.

We have our share of excitement, but like you all, our lives are not the open book of adventurous moments some think and it is very hard to put a blog post together each and every day…PLUS make it “exciting”. So please bear with me during my dry moments….and I’ll promise to include you all on the interesting, fun, exciting things that do happen…when they happen. Until then, please hang in there. We appreciate it and you’re following us.

Yesterday we did go to our friend Judy’s house to feed her cats and other critters. This is Mr. Peepers! He greeted us coming and going! He’s beautiful; don’t you think?


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