Saturday, May 18

A Rose by Any Other Name…Would Smell So Sweet?

This morning dawns a new day…one that has my eyes viewing a different insight into my life. My step-son, who lives in East Meadow, Long Island has a way of bringing new perspective to things which I find old and mundane. Thanks Billy…sometimes you are like a breath of fresh air, or maybe a pill for the soul. (sometimes not, but usually)
He has a way of bringing things to light that I had forgotten about my life here in Upstate New York…especially here on the farm.
We have a new gaggle of Canadian geese as of the other day. Momma hatched seven little fur balls and she and Daddy parade them all over the farm as they teach them to swim, preen, pick and peck all day long. They are so cute! They have gone! All that's left is the nest... they cannot be found anywhere on the grounds, up or down stream as far as I can see...I hope they come back 
Here is all that is left...just their nest...
Been spending a lot of time updating an old XP tower we recently had repaired and am getting it ready for storage, been running all over doing little errands and working with the animals, so my posts have been sparse….Sorry.
Here are some photos from around the farm.

Callie Cat has a habit of terrorizing the birds around the farm and sometimes catches and kills song birds, which we discourage, but cats are a Jekyll and Hyde loving one second and a brutal killer the next! 

Below is Callie performing one of her shenanigans...
We tilled the gardens again today and Vick planted tomatoes, artichokes and a bunch of other plants like basil, cilantro, celery, peppers, etc., etc.
Snavley Mill always wants to drive the tractor.... 
We also installed a new section of fencing where the ducks were going under it. We figure if a duck can squat down and go under…a predator could do that too, so better safe than sorry.
I loaded the oxy/acetylene tanks onto the cart and measured for plate steel and chain to keep them in place. I need a few pieces of plate steel for a tip and tool box too, so now all I have to do is find a place to get the material. Once I finish my cart, I’ll be ready to do some cutting, welding and fabrication for anyone that needs it, including all the things needing cut, welded and repaired here on the farm.

To round off the day, I mowed the dog run, front yard and side yard…just to stay in shape…LOL

Here's a few more pictures of our Llama Max, some chickens, ducks and turkeys...and more!

Max's face is all healed and back to more lumps...
Terrance called two wild turkeys in yesterday...

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