Monday, May 20

Yuck, Yuck, Yuck! Nasty, Wet, Cold and Ugly Was the Order of the Day

Yesterday started quite overcast…a threatening day  until, finally it happened! The clouds opened and dropped rain at a pretty heavy rate for about ten minutes, then it stopped. It had been an on and off thing the rest of the day. Makes no difference I guess, because it is supposed to rain for the next several days!

We took Vick’s camper to our friend’s property today and parked it. We told Jiri and Erika a long time ago that they could use our camper as soon as they were ready and they could keep it on their property to live in while they build their new house. They live in Jersey and want to relocate to their new property as soon as they can, so Jiri can begin working here.
Jiri and his friend Matt (who has since returned to Slovakia) did the work on our upper dormer and roof at such a ridiculously low price that we knew we would be in their debt forever. We made them life-long friends and helped them with all the paperwork, bull-crap running around and going to lawyer meetings for them to eliminate as much driving back and forth as we could in the process of closing on their property. Now they are going to spend weekends here as their well and septic is installed and more work on the grounds is being performed by our friend Steve.

Anyway…Jiri and Erika have our camper for as long as they can use it on their lot and we hope they really enjoy staying on their very own dream property as it comes into fruition!

Today, we go to Delmar again for Vick’s acupuncture appointment. After it is over, we will again trek to the Apple store in Cross Gates Mall, for yet another (her 4th) iPhone 5 in as many months…and it started with her 4S. (So that’s 5 phones)

She keeps losing sound on each of the phones, which has been happening intermittently and getting worse. Vick just got an iMac, so this time Vick and the tech from Apple will load everything in from the iMac rather than her old PC, which might have been corrupted. If so, my iTunes are corrupted too and perhaps they can blitz mine and share hers once it is non-corrupt.

When that is resolved, we will stop at Trader Joe’s for their terrific coffee…and then it’s on to Harbor Freight to check out a cart for my oxy/acetylene outfit before heading home for the completion of another day! (almost) I say that because before you know it, we’ll be out there putting all the animals away for the evening.    

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