Tuesday, May 21

On The Way To Summer With First Family BBQ Scheduled…


Today will be a busy day for me. I have a zillion things to do, so, I need to get moving if I am to complete at least some of my list. I have a lawn to mow, an oxy/acetylene outfit to get running, a tin cabinet to weld, an aluminum lawn chair to weld and a hose guide to fabricate for the back deck which will allow Vick to use the hose on either deck without dragging it over the picket stockade fencing in between, (a nearly impossible task)
I’ll grab a bite to eat and be on my way, performing the most important task at hand first…letting all the animals out, feeding and watering them. If I’m lucky, I’ll finish my tasks before Vicks family arrives at four or five or six or whenever.
Yesterday we went to Crossgates Mall and graced the store of Apple for our (almost) weekly visit for a phone. They replaced Vick’s phone and we picked up an external disk drive for her new iMac computer since they do not come with a CD/DVD drive anymore. I guess young kids don’t need the drive while us old fogies have a million CD’s and still store pictures, etc. on disc. The drive is hardly thicker than the disc you play in it! Her entire computer…ICU and all components…are located in the screen and measures only 3” deep at the center where the stand connects. Amazing!!!
This is Vick's new iMac computer....

This is the entire computer...in this screen and only this thick...

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