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We have paid large insurance premiums through Farm Family since 2009 when we opened the hospice gift shop... covering what we thought was the gift shop, our barn, the outbuildings...the tractor and all attachments. This morning we found we have no coverage on anything we lost in this disaster. Where in the hell did all the money go that we spent for coverage with that lousy insurance company? How can you have farm coverage and of all things....not cover the tractor? These money hungry bastards have almost done this operation in, because we operate on a shoe string anyway...never making money, always paying out!
We have repetitively given out time, our support and free hospitality to anyone and everyone with children that came visiting our farm...Everyone wanted us to charge admission but we refused to charge to share what we have!
Now...we could use a little help surviving this morning's crisis.


See pictures below for the loss we experienced this morning.

Original post of 9:23 AM
Being a fire chief and first responder for many years...fires and the stressful grief of the homeowners during, after and for months to come, sure isn’t a surprise to me…but I got my first taste of that loss and frustration at approximately 5:45 this morning when a neighbor was heard violently pounding on our door. We were awakened by what seemed like thunder…more of the same which we had heard all night long. This time though, the rumble continued…without end. (the air conditioner was running, muffling the sounds) When it finally dawned on me that someone was actually pounding at the rear door. As I threw the window up I recognized Danny, our neighbor down the road and asked what was going on. I was thinking maybe Danny need help at his house or something…Maybe his wife was sick and he knew Vick was a nurse! Instead, a highly excited Danny screamed your building is on fire! Stunned, I asked WHERE? He motioned toward the other side of the house and yelled that it was the one where our tractor was. Although I was relieved that it wasn’t the building we were in…I was still upset and I ran to the other end of the house and looked out the window where I witnessed fire belching out of both ends of the tractor shed’s main building.
I finished dressing quickly and ran downstairs to meet Danny in the driveway and thanked him for waking us. He and another man who was trying to report the fire, then left...knowing there was absolutely nothing they could do to help the already engulfed building.
Vick and I stood and watched our tractor shed burn to the ground before the fire trucks arrived.
We lost our 28 HP Cub Cadet Diesel tractor, our new snow blower, our pancake compressor, a battery charger, a post hole digger and our utility trailer, including miscellaneous boards, planks, wood pellets, fuel, tools and more items than we’ll ever remember being there…I’m sure!
The main loss is going to be the tractor valued at $10,000.00 and EXTREMELY important to the operation of this farm. I sure hope the insurance company gets us fixed up quickly, because running the farm without a tractor, with a bucket will be brutal! Know anyone with a bunch of money who wants to donate to a couple farmers down on their luck? Send them our way with their donation…..

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