Thursday, May 23

In Every Dark Cloud We Find A Silver Lining….

As you all know, yesterday we were awakened by a neighbor pounding violently on our door at 5:45 AM to tell us our tractor and implement shed was on fire. Nothing could be saved…because until I got outside, the fire had totally engulfed the closed portion of the implement shed and was beginning to shoot flames through the wall under the roof of the open fronted tractor shed. That increased until the vinyl fenders of the tractor caught fire and then…all was gone… You could not get close due to the heat…and besides, there was a full 5 gallon can of gas and 5 gallons of diesel fuel in there, plus the diesel tank on the tractor. I knew the tractor tank had not yet exploded, so we didn’t even try to get close. Within minutes of that tank popping, the structure was on the ground and there was a heap of trash for the fire company to put out.

Vick called our agent for Farm Family Insurance Company… our carrier, and was informed that nothing was covered. We were in disbelief! We have a FARM policy…and nothing was covered? Our #1 piece of farm equipment was lost and it wasn’t covered? What kind of policy is this?
The agent says that we dropped coverage on all contents and structures during out last policy renewal??????????????
Who in their right mind would do that? Why even have insurance then? What the hell was I paying for all this time?

If I had dropped coverage on anything, it would have been on the old John Deere garden tractor or small sheds…not worth covering anymore due to value. I certainly would NOT drop coverage on my farm tractor, implements and their housing unit!
What kind of agent would ever do such a thing without protesting, screaming and sending memos and warnings left and right?????? IDIOT!! We knew nothing about this and if there is a paper signed to the effect that we knew…then this agent misrepresented that, allowing us to sign, thinking we were covered in the renewal. If we come out of this with a total loss, we are not accepting it. We will take this as far as we need to in search of justice. Insurance agents do this to folks all the time and it isn’t right!
This fire destroyed our utility trailer, farm tractor, post hole digger, compressor, snow blower, stored lumber, trim, roofing material and plywood along with the structure. There were also some stored donations of hospice items in there too.
1:00 P.M. can be the end…….or the beginning. We’ll see!  

The silver lining in all this is the support we are receiving from friends and strangers alike. We are receiving emails and posts from everywhere and some donations are coming in to help us regain our footing. Thank you so much to all that care!
Good Karma always returns to you many times over…

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