Tuesday, May 28

Beginning Over With Beginning Over…Seems To Be The Ticket…

Well, it’s been six days since the fire and the insurance company informed us that there was no coverage for anything…and the insurance investigator has been here and the Fire Chief has listed the occurrence as undetermined, so we’re just waiting to hear something positive.
Is there anything positive??  
How can an insurance agent change your policy, dropping a major piece of equipment from a farm fire insurance policy by mistake and/or without screaming warnings a plenty???
I don’t get it…I don’t believe it and I’m certainly not accepting it. We were certainly not well represented by this agent, no matter what happened or why.
We will pursue this until something is done in this matter.
We purchased another tractor to replace our burnt up one. We’ll be paying for it for the rest of our lives, but it had insurance on it from the Cub Cadet, so I know it is covered. It is a policy all by itself and can’t be “accidentally canceled” by some butthole that doesn’t want me to go to another insurance company, so just cuts thing from my policy to lower the cost so I don’t change. Damned underhanded thief.
We’ll now begin clean-up of the fire site by getting all the metals together and pile the remaining wood to burn later. We’ll rent a U-Haul truck to take the metals to the port of Albany and sell it to them. Little help…but better than giving it away.
Now I have to build another tractor shed and place to house our wood pellets before next fall.
We’ve decided against building a farm store, because we could use a tool and welding shed and now, a new tractor shed to better advantage.
We’re hoping now that the holiday is over, we will hear from someone about something!  

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