Saturday, June 1

If Busy is a Verb…Then I’m EXTREMELY Verbalized…


We have been really busy for the last several days, moving a friend in for the summer, going for things needed in Vermont and getting ready for shearing day of the alpacas, not to mention a zillion other things needing done or that are scheduled to go on.
We are reading the barn for the shearing people from Vermont who will be here on Sunday to shear our alpacas, right after doing our friend’s Phil and Shelly of Brooklyn Alpacas. We will finish up by supplying a meal of pizza and sodas on the rear deck. That will definitely be an all day affair along with having the hospice gift shop open for the weekend. I’ll begin by opening the shop at ten O’clock.
I’m still showing Joey, our summer guest , how to take care of the animals…both morning and evening, so we’ll feed, water and release them all before I open the shop this morning.
Joey and I will attack the pool this morning and get it running, so we can start to clarify the water after winter’s lull. As usual, I’m late at getting that done this year too, so today is the day! I need to finish the mowing of the front yard then also. I wonder if there will be any daylight left after all that. I’m pretty slow you know…but then Joey’s also helping now.
Vick is running for feed, wood chips and finishing up other things on the run…like getting to the Vet before he closes for canned dog food for Snavely Mill. She’ll be busy all day too…

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  1. Hi Guys, I am sorry to hear about the unfortunate fire at the farm. It must have been awful for you but I am happy to hear that you and your animals were not harmed. You are in my thoughts and prayers and I hope to be in touch soon.


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