Tuesday, June 4

Spinning Our Tires At Full Speed Ahead…Getting Nowhere?

We can’t seem to get caught up! Yesterday was shearing day and we were going full speed ahead from the time we were out of bed, until our heads hit the pillow around midnight last night. Today…we went to Delmar to Vick’s acupuncture appointment. We stopped at several places; including Lowe’s to pick up an air chuck for the new compressor, fix-a-flat and four foot light tubes for the basement.

While we were gone, Coeyman Recycling Center dropped a dumpster for all the metal from the fire. We’ll work on that soon, but the big thing is meeting with a new representative from Farm Family to go over our coverage that the last idiot screwed up. THAT will ultimately probably end up in a law suit to recover our losses from the jerks secret actions.
After meeting with the insurance agent, we have to run well water samples to someplace to have them checked and a pool water sample to Hudson to be checked so we can treat the swimming pool and get it cleared up. I need to find a gas dealer in Hudson to buy a fitting for my oxy/acetylene outfit too. I’ll need that for the cleanup project at the fire site. (Need to cut up the old tractor to get it into the recycling dumpster along with other metals)
It seems that the more we hustle to get things finished...the more pops up to do! WOW, we really don't need anymore, because there is a multitude of things we forgot, that will resurface in the coming days and weeks. Yesterday was bad...I sure hope today is better!!!!! 
Yeah, we have much to do and fixing the hot water heater right now is my major goal for this morning, so while I dismantle the furnace and get it running, to heat water…and Joey is cleaning in the barn…enjoy some pictures of shearing and whatever we have below.

Not totally stressed, but being last...the tail tells a story!

Josh, our helper discarding fiber 3rds into a bag...
Our good friends...Phil and Shelly, owners of Brooklyn Alpacas...

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