Saturday, June 8

Preparing For A Day Without Rain…Finally We can Do Something…

It has rained for the last two days, non-stop! On Wednesday, we worked our butts off to load the hopper that Coeyman’s Recycling Center dropped off for us to fill with metal from the fire. We finished five minutes before the guy came to pick up the tub, so I was glad I hit it hard on Tuesday or we would not have been ready when he arrived. We got rid of the entire old tractor, the snow blower remains, the roofing and door panels and then finished filling the hopper with old metal laying around, which we had planned on getting rid of anyway, but didn’t want to pay to do it. We made a few bucks in the end, but nothing to speak of. The crap was gone and that was a blessing. Now all we have to do is do a controlled burn of the left over timbers and other unburned remains from the old tractor shed and a clean-up of the ashes and we will be done with that!

Then we will go to town hall to see what hoops we need to jump through to build a tractor shed.
Yesterday we had our first turkey hatchling. It was standing outside of the nest box by itself…shivering and hungry, while momma turkey continued to sit on her remaining eggs. We intervened and took the chick, placed it in the other turkey house, under a heat lamp and gave it crumble and water… making it a happy chick. Now this morning…we need to see if it has any brothers or sisters from overnight. I thought one of the remaining eggs in the clutch was piped and hatching, but we’ll see this morning.
Look at the little dude from yesterday…’s quite cute! 

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  1. Glad you were able to remove all the remains of the fire. Also, that chick is so cute and has you guys to thank that he is still alive. Love you


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