Tuesday, June 11

Every Day Just Blends Into Another…On and On It Goes…

Days are passing and with the rain, we are getting nowhere with plans for the summer…We sort of recovered from the fire, but then again, I wonder. We are financially strapped since the fire occurred and as a result of what the insurance company told us. We are faced with 72 months of payments on a new tractor, the loss in value of the old tractor, the snow blower and all the other items now gone. Now we find that none of the numbers from the insurance people co-inside with our payments to them, so we’re seriously looking at some type of possible fraud here now! Somehow... I suspect the agent we had was doing something shady since the numbers don’t agree between the insurance company and our bank statements as far as payments made vs. the charges…

The rain certainly hasn’t made things any better either. We can’t do the things needing taken care of and we can’t proceed with burning and cleanup of the remaining crap from the fire to get the ground ready for a new building. The days melt away and we feel like we are getting nowhere as they disappear. We are almost half way through June and summer will be here in no time. We were hoping to be caught up so we could do some pleasurable day trips this summer, but now I wonder about that too.

Due to the economy and turnout of customers, we have put the farm store on hold…possibly for good. The hospice gift shop is a disappointment too. We go for long periods of time without any customers. Someone took our sign from the end of our road…and the one in Greenville, at the square, was removed also. The community hospice people seem to have forgotten we exist and never give us any recognition or mention in their newsletters. We are all working together here, you know! They could mention that there is a great hospice gift shop in Greenville and encourage people to stop in and see us and shop.
It has become a great burden for us to maintain, run and give up weekends for one or two visitors. We have more weekend visitors with kids coming to the farm than to the gift shop and it is becoming frustrating. If it were not for the support and deep seated caring for the unfortunate benefactors of the palliative care program, I believe I would quit. I guess knowing that a dying soul is receiving the palliative medicines they need to complete life’s journey with dignity and comfort is what keeps us vigilantly trying…and I think, the way this is going...if we don’t continue…who will?
How easy it is to drop money on lottery tickets, beer and other things without a good return on your dollar. Donating to hospice is a deed of caring, in which you can take pride…realizing your donation helped to provide some pain altering drugs needed to comfort a dying person in their time of need.
What better gift can one give than to allow a person to leave this earth maintaining a shred of dignity in quietly doing so?        
Someday we will all need that you know….

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