Sunday, July 28

The Rain Is Falling & We Need It, Down Here On The Farm…

We got up today to a delightfully constant drizzle of cool refreshing rain. The grass will enjoy this and now it might even begin growing again. Although I need to cut the front yard, the pastures where the animals roam can use a week’s worth of rain to regenerate what the boys have eaten down to the stubble at ground level. We were about to keep them locked in the front pasture and dig into this winters hay supply if the rain did not come soon.
Friday was a really good day here on the farm. We started off in the morning with the pool pump. After leaving the animals out for the day, I got Vick to close off the hoses to the pump as I removed the hoses and tied the ends above water level so they did not leak. I took the pump assemble to the basement to repair the motor while Vick packed her artwork for the Saturday craft show in Middleburg.
I disassembled the pump and repaired the start contacts, cleaning the dirt and burned surface with a diamond file, creating a like new silver contact surface. I slightly bent the contact arm t increase the tension on the contact and re-assembled the pump. Once bolted in place and the hoses were hooked up again, I flipped the switch and it took off like a new motor. One job down…the trailer lighting next.
The installation of the wiring connections and license plate was accomplished fairly easy and once they were tested and working properly, I parked the trailer on the old concrete pad where it was during the fire…only now, it is street ready again. After going to Papa Jack’s for a pizza dinner, we returned and I rested a bit, watched Vick finish up some artwork and packing and then went to the barn to install another new window next to the alpaca stall.

The last window we have that we could cut in for light...

We did five altogether...three on this end and two above on rear...

So very quaint to see the animal after dark... 

Once that was finished, we put the animals away, loaded all of Vick’s artwork into the car and was ready to quit for the day. We would meet Lois at 7:30 Saturday morning to head for Middleburg.

 Small sample of Vick's artwork she had for sale
There were many, many more pieces to choose from
The alarm sounded, as expected…but to our dismay. We wished to stay in bed a little longer, but had already hit the snooze button as many times as was possible, still leaving us to get to Lois on time. At 7:30, we backed out from in front of Lois’s pottery gallery and headed toward Middleburg.
We spent the entire day on Main Street…right along the sidewalk, up front and sold nothing. Lois sold very little of the many pieces of pottery she displayed too. I didn’t really see anyone doing very well, except for the food vendors. We packed it all in around 4:00 PM and stopped at a little diner at the edge of town, ate and headed home swearing to never do another craft fair event. We will sell our goods here at the farm…nowhere else.

An old sign in front of a residence

Main Street, where we set up yesterday
Mural on side of Main Street Store
Pasta & Grill...where we love to get their Sicilian Pizza
Damage just outside town after hurricane Irene. Look How DEEP!!

 Flooding less than a month ago on Main Street, near Schoharie Creek

Mess after flash flood a month ago due to heavy rainfall...
Today is a needed day for the grass and us. We will definitely enjoy a day of rest as it rains, feeding the garden, grass and lake.   

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