Friday, July 26

Summer Marches On and We Have More, The More We Do!!

Jeeze um…We tried to start the boat yesterday. (First time in three years) When we last run it, it ran great. We shut it down, took it home and it sat under cover until this year when the tent building collapsed under the weight of the big snow we had. We decide to clean it all up and sell it because we fail to use it anyway. Well, when it wouldn’t start, I checked the engine and found the oil had somehow flowed into the fuel and oil pump, mixed and traveled backwards through the gas line into the gas tank as it sat those three years. Today, we will operate on the engine to remove the oil, I need to pull the air filter assembly, remove the fuel line at the fuel pump and…using the hand bulb, purge gas from the newly filled gas tank, pushing the oil from the line all the way to the fuel pump. Once pure gas flows there, I’ll reconnect the line to the fuel pump. We will then remove the screws from the bottom of the carburetor reservoir bowls to drain all the oil from there too. Once that is done, we can clean the spark plugs and try to start the engine again. Wish us luck!

Yesterday morning, I installed the tail lights on the trailer and after Vick’s acupuncture appointment; we stopped at Tractor Supply to pick up the license plate bracket, a can of black paint and two clearance lights for the front. Of course…they only had one light, so I didn’t take it. I’ll wait and get them at Lowe’s the next time I’m there.
If we can get the boat motor to run today, I’ll be happy and start on the building of the new tractor shed. With a little planning, I can figure out how many treated posts we need and get them at GNH, along with the other kiln dried wood for the roof. The siding will be rough cut from the sawmill, so we’ll order the boards later on, but right now, we’ll need the 2x10 headers and 2x6 rafters to get started.
I have a job in reserve that needs done before winter too and that is the repair of the block work and sealing of the Bilco basement doors. Replacing one broken corner block and sealing them all and adding a new seal board on top will resolve my leakage problem every year when snow melts. That’s one more thing to do…or at least add to the list right now.   

Yesterday, we didn’t get much past the first problem, which was the furnace that quit. No hot water in the house. I had been bleeding the pump for a few weeks; every time the furnace failed to start to heat the water. It was happening more and more frequently, indicating a leak somewhere that also let air into the line, causing the failure. I finally found oil dripping off the bottom of the burner and knew it was the pump seal at that point. I ordered one. Yesterday was the last straw and I installed it. All went well until I tried to bleed the system to get it fired off. NOTHING…I checked and double checked everything and tried everything I knew to do, finally admitting defeat, so Vick called Bottini Fuel. They are our fuel oil supplier and service people. The service guy came around 3:45 and worked for a good hour before we finally both agreed that the new pump was no good…DEFECTIVE right out of the box!!! He installed a new pump from his service truck and the furnace started immediately. My pump was brand new from Patriot Supply and cost me $54.00 on-line. We’ll pay over $150.00 for the call and $85 for their pump. And now you know why Vick will not stand next to me in a thunderstorm!
Oh, BTW…the pool pump won’t start this morning.
Some people have Gremlins in their life….I have Demons from a past life!! They are constantly terrorizing me. Even though they don’t scare me, they are a terror………………
Now I will spend the day repairing the motor in the basement and replacing it to get the pool running again.
The boat returns to the waiting list again…along with the tractor shed construction…and window installation on the barn…and the Bilco door repairs… Holy Crap! Winter will beat me again! Help me Jordon….I need an Exorcist again!!

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  1. Good golly what a bunch of "goblins" terrorizing you. I hope they leave you soon so you can get things back in order. Good luck on your projects!

  2. Thanks Sara, things are starting to look up as todays post reflects.
    When are you and Jesse coming up with the kids for a weekend to see everything first hand. The area is beautiful and chocked full of historical sites. If you'd like, give me an email and I'll send some beautiful pictures of waterfalls, the mountain, wildlife and the Hudson River. Uncle Skip

    1. I'm sorry Skip but I think you have me confused with another Sara. But I would love to see some posts about the beautiful waterfalls, mountains and wildlife!
      I guess I should introduce myself, I am Sara, the daughter of Mel (Up North With Mel), you follow her blog. I found your blog through her followers and I started following you also, I hope you don't mind. I also have a blog feel free to check it out and sorry again for the confusion.

    2. No problem, I though it was my niece from Pa...


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