Tuesday, July 23

The Needed Rain Finally Fell…TO Good and Bad Thoughts…

Last night it rained and rained hard. We needed it badly for the grass and the rain’s impact on the animals lives. The boys have the grass eaten down so short, that to allow anymore grazing until it grows a little would harm the root system of the field and yard. There are hardly any weeds around the lake for them to browse on. Yesterday, I saw the sheep eating from the wild rose bush. Obviously they can eat the moist, tender leaves and green growth at the ends...but how they deal with the thorns is beyond me.
We flipped the trailer yesterday afternoon late and installed the new trailer wiring through the frame. We are now ready to install the lights and hook up the wires. I still want to find two clearance lights for the front and pull a wire from the main for marker lights. Tractor supply has them anywhere you go, so we’ll pick up a pair and install them with a splice clip. Once the lights are on, the trailer is street legal again and can be used.

We finally have several guys coming to look at the fishing boat we have for sale. Whoever gets it, will be getting a real deal because it is loaded for the angler or weekend boating enthusiast alike. It is a back troller with a special made and mounted pair of Cannon down riggers with adjustable settings. It can run on the Hudson River or used down along the ocean in any of the bays. It’s just too much work for Vick and me to get ready, transport, launch and retrieve every time we use it. We cannot afford to dock it in a marina because we would have to strip everything off of it to leave it there and without a cover, you have to run and drain it regularly. We’re already too busy here on the farm to commit to something like that for a couple uses all summer.
It’s loaded and a buy at $5,000.   
On Saturday our friend Judy came over and sheared both Princess and Dutchess of their heavy, hot coats for the summer. They always look so cute once they are shorn. Take a look at the pictures below...
 Princess enjoying the coolness of it all......
Dutchess looks like a little gray puppy again...
We are going to work around the farm today…getting lights on the trailer, making a material list for the tractor shed we need to build and installing another window in the bottom of the barn for light in the daytime. We can also help with cross ventilation with the installation of this multi-pane, opening window next to the alpaca stall.
As I mentioned before, there is a good side and a bad side to the needed rain we got. On one hand, the rain will make the pasture grass grow and help the garden plants. That is all good. The double edge sword lies at the lake. The rain last evening filled it to the brim…and now Josh can’t pick rocks to place on the downside of the dam. They are inaccessible until the water level falls again, which could take weeks or never get there before fall if we get more rain. He was to pick rocks and backfill tomorrow. Hum…shot down by rain and one day! Oh well, life goes on…and the creeks will rise.  

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