Saturday, July 20

Back from Stockbridge and loving it…What a Little Town!

Yesterday we got up bright and early and headed for Stockbridge, Massachusetts to meet Vicki’s Uncle Charlie and Aunt Sheila for lunch and to spend some time with them shopping in the quaint little stores on Main Street.
We had lunch and dessert at the Red Lion Inn which fully encompassed an hour of dining and exchanging stories about our lives. We try to get together at least twice a year because Charlie and Sheila live in Connecticut and like us, are getting a little older every day. Driving isn’t an issue for them as long as it is daylight and not real far, so meeting in the middle is an hour and fifteen minutes or so for us both. If it becomes an issue for them, we’ll then start driving to their home or somewhere in their town to dine. Anyway, below are some pictures we took along the way.

The Red Lion Inn, Stockbridge MA
 Courtyard dining
 Red Lion Inn Courtyard

  Close-up of the Front Entrance
Dining Room
Additional Dining In Rear
Cloakroom and Tavern Entrance

Very Early Hand Lever Controlled Elevator

Main Street, Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Vick Bought A Nice Piece of Art in This Store

Here's a Map If You Would Like to Make The Trip

Yesterday was a miserable day for heat. Thank God we were in air conditioning everywhere we went except for walking to and from stores and the car. We knew it was to be bad, so we installed a new air conditioner in the bunny brothel on Wednesday afternoon and after cleaning the old one, re-installed it as a second unit with a separate breaker on Thursday. Now we know that if one fails, the other will take over to keep the bunnies alive. They are set so that both will shut down if the temperature meets set points and will resume cooling if the temperature rises again. It was 84° in there yesterday in the blaring heat of the afternoon when we returned to 100° outside. By 9:00 PM one unit had shut down at 75°. All was well with all the animals, surviving the worst day of the summer yet.
Today, we may be able to flip the trailer and install the grommets and new wiring. Once the wiring is in place, we can set it down on its wheels and install the new lights.
We also need to design the new tractor shed and make a materials list to order wood from the sawmill. We’ll use treated posts and kiln dried structural wood, but raw lumber for the purling boards on the roof and all the siding boards. We can reserve this job for second, in case it rains.    

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