Thursday, July 18

Okay Ya’ll…I’m back with a little to write about and I’m taking the time to execute it to a post. I constantly get grief from my son on “lon Giland” about not posting on a regular basis…well Billy, yesterday if my troubles were like getting into a fight…you and I both couldn’t rub the knots I was getting fast enough to keep up, as you'll see below. This happens almost everyday folks, so please be patient if I just burn out and drop for a few days while I recover.  

Yesterday started out in the morning with coffee and the announcement from Joey (our friend's son who stayed awhile  in our camper for the summer) saying he was going by train to Rutland, VT and needed his ride to the train station around five. He was flitting around working outside and packing at the same time, so Vick and I got with the program and let the animals out for the day. We both decided the air conditioner in the bunny brothel wasn’t functioning properly, so we decided to go to where ever we needed to go to get a new air conditioner. It was already 88° and it was only 10:30 in the morning…and sure to top 90° shortly under the clear blue sky with that sun blaring down on the buildings. There was little air moving, but with the humidity as high as it was, it didn’t really matter anyway. IT WAS HOT!!!

We called Wal-Mart and they were sold out. Next we called Lowe’s and they had a bunch of them, soon to be gone though and we knew it, so we took off to grab one.

We purchased a 10,000BTU unit (noticing there were eight left on the skid) and headed home. We pulled the malfunctioning one out and installed the new one. I took the old one to the front of the house to clean and repair, if possible, but decided to do it later because of the heat. I still had a furnace that wasn’t working and heating our water. Vick told me she had a cold shower when she got up, so I had to order a pump unit for the burner which was leaking at the shaft seal. Oil dripped out and air replaced it causing the pump to dry lock and the furnace shut off. Crap…furnace, A/C and taxi service pending I stopped to cool off and change shoes.

We took off for the train station and some needed rest in an air conditioned car. We dropped him and started for home again to work on the old unit for a spare. Part way through repairing the old A/C, Vick said the new A/C was making a noise because of water in the fan not draining off, so I stopped and went to the unit, shut it off and drilled a hole in the bottom for the water to drain out. When I went back inside and turned the unit on it ran fine until I got back outside and ready to leave with the battery drill. As I entered the barn to go to the house, I heard a loud bang, so I ran back into the bunny house, expecting to see something wrong as a result. Nothing! I noticed that there was no air coming from the A/C unit, so I checked the breaker plug. It was okay. I shut the unit off and went outside to find that the fan inside the shroud had blown apart.

Yikes, a broken new air conditioner and the old one was in front of the house, still disassembled! I rushed back to tell Vick the fan exploded and we needed to go back to Lowe’s, but there was nothing for the bunnies, so she went to get another A/C and I went to finish repairing and replacing the old A/C in the brothel until she got back. I finished putting it back together and jumped on the tractor to take it to the brothel where I would swap them around until Vick got back, thus giving the bunnies some needed relief.

The tractor wouldn’t start. Click, click, click… Shit!!

I went to work on the tractor with the battery charger from the basement. No dice. Wouldn’t take a charge and hooking the charger directly to the started relay, causing the engine to try to turn over…there just wasn’t enough power in the charger to turn the engine. That showed the battery was toast…shot….gone….shorted out no doubt.

I couldn’t carry the A/C myself and I was dripping wet with sweat from hustling around.

Time to cease and desist, so I went and hooked up another fan in the bunny house and waited for Vick’s return.

Soon Vick returned and we replaced the A/C. By then it was starting to cool off, so we quit for the evening.

Today, we will install the old, repaired A/C in the brothel, along with the new A/C unit. We can then choose to run two, one or none, depending on the heat. It will also help the turkeys because the wall exhaust runs into the turkey houses via windows… so A/C served them all…

After getting that going, we will take the damaged unit back to Lowe’s and buy a new battery for the garden tractor.

Jeeze Um…give us a break!

The pictures below were from the Athens Street Fair last Saturday when with Bill and Loraine our step son and his wife. After the fair, we went on into Catskill and had dinner at Chopsticks, the great Chinese restaurant on Bridge Street.         

Along the river front where the boat docks are

Kids and adults this attraction....

Also seen at the Garlic Festival in Saugerties every year
Some country music at it's finest...

Looking down second street toward the waterfront
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