Thursday, July 11

Stars that wink at you, making you dream of worlds far away,
warm breezes seductively sliding across your bare body and face,
the sigh of two hearts embracing one another…the sound of love,
the contentment of knowing she will be there forever…unquestioned,
the reinforcement of her knowing you are there regardless of age,
an understanding of your dog when you’re happy, sad, upset or sick,
a feeling of contentment every time you look around where you are,
that feeling you get when your friend cries because you lost a pet,
the tears you wipe because your friend must move away from you,
the love you feel for the unfortunate soul that loves without return.

Love is all the above…in thought, word and deed among one another,
yet few realize the special gift of loving unconditionally and freely.

I have been shooting snapping turtles in our lake. Lots of them… We had an understanding that they were territorial, so if there was one adult snapper in the lake, it would chase the others out. NOT SO!

There are four floating in the lake right now. We figured there was a reason all the Canadian geese left all of a sudden, but we didn’t think it would be because of four dinosaurs. They are nasty and will eat ducklings in a heartbeat…and usually the adult Canadian never even sees that it happened, except that there is one less duckling in the family group. Once they sense that there is a snapper there, they will leave the area to find another spot. Well, there are four less snappers around now.


We are selling our fishing boat too. What a bargain for the first person to step up and grab it. It is a 1997 14’ aluminum hull Sea Nymph fishing boat with a 40 HP Evinrude outboard with console controlled throttle and steering behind a windshield. It has a ship-to-shore FM radio, an AM-FM stereo, a MinnKota foot controlled 40 LB thrust trolling motor with battery indicator, a pair of Cannon rear trolling downriggers, a live well with pump, bilge pump, dual fuel tanks, net, canoe paddle and a Humminbird fish finder w/ GPS. There are dock bumpers, front and rear on each side, dock ropes and an anchor…all sitting on a lightweight trailer with a spare tire.  The first person to show up with $5k takes it all with the stack of extras, accessories, manuals and paperwork for everything on the boat. Below is a pair of pictures. Spread the word!!


We’ve been working outside in the heat…Vick weeding the vegetable garden and other flower gardens…and me, shooting turtles to save our ducks. I did move the boat to the front yard to do a little more cleaning before covering it with a tarp to keep it clean. I need to rewire the utility trailer and get it road ready again.

We have a repair or two to make on the hose reel at the garden pond also. The rewind lever was mysteriously broken and the feed line is leaking at the ground. Vick used epoxy and a clamp on the lever...and we'll replace the leaking hose end.
We need to find out what we must do to start the new tractor shed next. I guess a trip to town hall or calling the building inspector or something will do. Who knows? I guess we will soon enough……. 

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