Wednesday, July 10

Sometimes The Clouds Will Part To Reveal A Really Warm and Friendly Sun...

In the dawn as the darkness abates to reveal nature’s day,

the soft breezes carrying the sweet smell of honeysuckle,

the feel of lake water so warm as to mimic an evening bath,

the lazy sun crawling across the sky in the afternoon hours,

a picnic basket of bread, wine and cheese in the shade,

a couple in love, enjoying one other, life and a summer day.

Funny how when you remove stress from your life, things seem so much easier and your loves return to you.

The love of a swim in the pool in the evening…the early morning pleasures of sipping coffee and the sweet morning smells outside as you relax on the swing. What better place to hear birds and roosters call the arrival of morning and another day. I watch as deer with their fawns meander along the woodlot, feeding on the fresh green grasses reaching toward the day’s sun.

I notice it is much easier to find my feelings in writing and expressing the beauty around me. I truly look forward to whatever, expecting to enjoy everything…and wanting for nothing in particular…reacting to chance encounter of the day.  In an especially familiar but brief sentence, perhaps “All things happen for a reason” should actually be declared as “All things happen for a reason which only you will recognize when it happens to you, for you or because of you”.

The fire over a month ago was the beginning of the end. It was an event that forced us to look at our lives…you know; what we do, how we expend our resources and what we receive in exchange…as a result of our actions.

It was a stark awakening to the fact that we were struggling to make a difference…among many people that didn’t care! We were kind and accommodating to everyone by their own graces…only to realize the smirk and laughter of the few which take and return nothing. The good people kept telling us…Don’t do it…you’re so trusting…you’re so kind…It’s such an ideally generous effort, but one that some people will take advantage of…and they were correct!

We have and continue to realign our lives to benefit ourselves and those among us that DO CARE.

We can now enjoy the farm, our animals and our friends without running helter-skelter to the wind trying to maintain a failed ideal.

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