Saturday, July 6

The Heat Is Almost Unbearable…Yet Time Marches On…

Well the egg thing has continued and will continue from this time forward, because at our age, we should be doing what we want and like, rather than devoting our weekends and lives to providing for others. We didn’t mind doing so when we felt people appreciated what we offered, but when they steal you blind…bust up your merchandise on purpose and do as they please when you ask them to stop…Well you know what. They ruined it for everyone…and now it is our turn to enjoy the summer.

We are going to go out for lunch and have some great fried chicken in Albany. When we return, we’ll see what we can do around here or just sit in the air conditioning until it cools off a little later in the afternoon. We can always spend the afternoon in the pool unlike years past when we got in one or two times throughout the season…and those times were usually late in the evening.

Well, we’re back and waiting for the sun to go and the day to cool off a bit and then mow the grass out front.

The sun went behind the trees and the yard cooled off a bit, so I did the mowing and got that out of the way. As soon as we get the animals away this evening we’re going for ice cream. The day just warranted that we do that…summer evenings will be like this! I took a few pictures of the latest happenings around the farm….Here they are.  

 Take a large log and slice it down the middle...
 Cut some notches in short billets and Voilà...a bench!!
 Here is the fire site during clean-up....
 More like it....ready to build...
 The concrete pad will be for the trailer again....
We'll build to house the tractor, backhoe, post hole digger 
and the season's wood pellet storage...

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  1. Sorry to hear that someone has ruined your stand for everyone else. It's amazing how disrespectful people can be sometimes.
    You have a beautiful place and I love the bench you have made. I hope you enjoy you day!


  2. It's terrible to hear what's been going on at the farm but I am happy to hear that you two have decided to get some
    R &R. Just adore the log bench. I have been staying mostly indoors with the AC and sorry that I have not been able to stop by but I wish you the best outcome for your future. Taking a break from the stress and negativity to focus on yourselves and your animals, may be just what you need right now. Deep breaths! M

  3. Hi Sara, Thanks for the compliment on the benches...It was neat; slice a log in two and you have two benches immediately. All you have to do then is cut four billets and notch then for the logs. As far as the egg stand goes, our regulars know and understand, so we'll continue to sell as usual, just without the loss from the low life thieves. It's sad that a quaint, old time honor system can't be continued, but I guess the world is too corrupt to allow good old country charm.
    Love ya's as always! Uncle Skip & Vick

  4. Hi Margaret, Good to hear from you. We have been in the A/C this week too! The stresses of the farm will be short lived, because we are going to be okay and all our old customers will be too. We pretty much know who did what, but it's not really causing a fuss...We just quit giving of ourselves so much...especially to those kind. It's sad for all our friends, but they will be okay too, because we'll figure a way to accommodate friends and turn the others away. Stop by when you can...
    As always, Skip & Vick


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