Wednesday, July 3

Changes Abound Due To The Changes Around…We’re Done...

Listen up folks....Changes are a comin'
Well, today was the icing on the cake. Seven dozen eggs sold and a dozen opened and scattered around…making a mess as someone went through the boxes, swapping small eggs for large ones. They broke five of the dozen eggs during their selfish task…and along with the lady that took the ½ gallon of syrup a week ago and never returned with the $28.00…they have succeeded in screwing up everything here on the farm. WE ARE DONE!!
There will not be any eggs, jam, or honey in the farm stand. It is now out there, setting empty, except for a notice that the honor system is done…gone…over… and finished forever!
If anyone wants eggs, honey, syrup or whatever, they will need to knock on the door…and there will be no more receipt of product without cash on the barrel head.
To those who are upset over this, find the ignorant bastards that ruined it for you all and beat the hell out of them!
If I ever catch someone taking anything without paying from now on, I will thump their asses on the spot.
We have also decided that we are no longer opening the hospice gift shop every weekend either. Knock on the house door if you want to go into the gift shop and hope we are home, because we are no longer giving up our weekends to sit around waiting for customers. Since Christmas of 2012, we have been open every Saturday and Sunday…That’s 56 days of being open for $715.66, or a measly $12.78 a day!! Now, figure that from that, we could subtract more than that in costs, such as electric, heating and insurance…plus supplies needed to operate and you have to ask yourself, “What are we doing here?”
Also…figure that 90% of that $715.66 was taken in on the two weekends directly before Christmas. Look at all these facts and you can see that we are wasting our time. We would be better off just closing down and giving what we spend on this “labor of love” to hospice in a monthly check and use the building ourselves for something else. Only a handful of people support us…the same who have supported us from the beginning. We had a sign at the end of West Road and someone stole it. We asked the library if we could post a message for our grand opening on their sign a day or two before the weekend. They said “NO”. We asked to post on the All Arts Matters sign and were told to ask the library. In frustration, we placed a sign at the traffic light and someone took it too, so we cannot even count on the town for support. As a result, we quit setting up at the farmer’s market to support the town. No one ever wins when you don’t support one another.
Even the hospice program themselves…who we send the funds to, don’t even spread the word, or mention us in their monthly news letter…so I guess they won’t miss us that much.
Yes, there are changes happening…and yes there are changes coming…yes indeed and now…those changes are going to be to our benefit. I will not reiterate at this point what all the changes will be, but stay tuned, because right now we’re pretty pissed and don’t want to publish something we will regret later!    

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