Monday, August 12

Changes Abound When You Only Keep Busy…

Yes, that’s all it takes to finish projects. Resolve to reach the finish line and getting into the race. (even if it is not deemed a race, but simple everyday things)
Yesterday Vick and I got to the task of finishing the barn and enjoying the task of doing so. We worked until my foot tired…and then we stopped for a rest and a little Ibuprofen, a bite to eat and got right back into applying boards. It is beautiful…and we are now teetering back and forth as to whether we should paint or stain the barn red as we thought, or……simply apply a clear coat of preservative and sealer to the wood, keeping it a natural color as you now see it. Leave us a comment and tell us what you think. We’re leaning heavily toward the natural look which will match the hospice gift shop (soon to be farm store), which will remain natural for sure. Below are a few pictures of the finished product and one of those “before pictures”. Looks pretty good, yes?

 Doors open in and are finished board too....
 Small grid windows give that "Little House on the Prairie" Look... 
 The windows also let a lot of light in now too...
 It will look really nice after other junk is removed too...

There was obviously a very large feathered confrontation that took place yesterday afternoon. Vick made mention of a period of obvious tension between geese, duck and chicken, because we heard a loud ruckus in both hen houses. It lasted for a half hour or so and then the farm and all the animals returned to the usual copacetic panorama of peaceful tranquility.
The only prelude indicating that a problem occurred earlier was that all the wild Canadians left at dusk and as I went to put the animals in for the night, I noticed a change in the usual calmness of the farm. Usually everyone moseys into their respective housing complexes without issue. I usually putt around on the garden tractor, closing doors and slide gates… but last night was different. It appeared that Doodles was changing residence to the new chicken coop instead of the old barn complex where he has lived for the last six months with three white Peking ducks.

I could swear he flipped the three white Peking’s the wing tip (finger in duck language) before entering the new coop…and was honking all the way there, as if giving them a hard time’ then became very quiet after entering the building; looking quite smug.
The three white Peking’s and Dinky Duck went in as usual, displaying no indifference to the day’s events. How I’d love to be able to ask the turkeys what transpired under their watchful eyes during the day, because they view the chickens as a useless commodity anyway and I know they would spill their guts if they could.

Lynda, our friend from Witt’s End Antiques and Gardens came over for boiled corn on the cob and to visit. She had a lousy day in the antique shop with the usual petty theft that abounds among many of the resort vacationers. There must be some ludicrous thrill in stealing a twenty-five cent item and although such a small loss, it affects the merchant as much as a large theft because you know it they can steal a penny, they’ll steal anything they can get their fingers on.
She lets many shoplifting customers off,  saying it's not worth the confrontation, but I would not. Call it a sickness or it what you will, but it needs to be stopped and if a police record will cause them to seek help or not, it will bring to light what they do and if it embarrasses them, it is their own fault. “Hang em high” is my motto. They deserve no less for their deceitful actions.         

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