Saturday, August 10

The thoughts of mankind cause most to struggle with their beliefs whilst looking over their shoulder. Though it is no one else’s business to judge your thoughts, words or deeds, civilization has their written and unwritten rules of etiquette and common sense…or the lack thereof which we are held to.
We think of things that rest pleasurable within our consciences, whilst it stirs dread or repugnance in the hearts of others. Save how one pleasurable and natural occurrence is viewed by two different people with such diverse and opposite reaction?  For when fully digested and deliberated….One should truly question that opposition in the first place? In this world you may surely be held liable for your tongue, but nay shall society lay claim to the minds marvel and contemplation. When the world decides what can or can’t be deliberated, people then allow the strings of the puppeteer to be affixed to their world and will never dance to their own music ever again.
Our government and incumbent positions have already become subservient to one ruler and have obviously received their strings in the form of chains.             
Why is our puppeteer so inept in running our country, yet able to have power over our leaders so proficiently using those strings of chain that enslaves and threatens our freedoms?

Hmm, one must stop to wonder…   

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