Tuesday, September 3

Ever Notice The Pleasant Breeze Disappears Quickly…

Yesterday Vick excitedly commented about it being such a great day for building…the sky was cloudy and there was a pleasant breeze blowing, making it somewhat comfortable out there. As soon as we gathered up all the tools and got to the tractor shed to start, I noticed that the sun had returned and ALL breezes stopped as the sun beat down on me as I stood there. It felt like a sauna in the sun as it accentuated the humidity the cloudy sky and breeze hide only five minutes earlier.
Not wanting to lose the opportunity to finish the building so we could order the steel roofing, we pushed on even though it was miserably hot. Within ten minutes you could have taken your tee shirt off and wringed sweat out of it that would have actually dripped. Our friend Kenny stopped, seeing us working as he was passing by…and while here, he offered a hand by carrying boards from Vick at the saw, to me on the ladder at the building. That saved either Vick a lot of walking…or me a lot of climbing up and down and walking. Within three hours, we had the wall boards finished and the front done, measured for the metal roofing and were ready to do purlings for today.
By the time we were finished putting all the tools away, we were famished and tired. Vick said she didn’t want to cook dinner after working on the building all afternoon and I agreed she had done more than enough for one day, so once we got the animals away for the evening; we took off for Catskill for dinner at the Ambrosia diner.
Lynda, our friend with the antique shop, lives only five miles away to the north of us and on the way to Catskill, she texted Vick to say she was getting a very severe thunder storm, with flash flood potential rain and heavy, dangerous lightning. Vick checked the radar and it was missing our place, so we continued on to dinner. It turns out that we got very little rain only five miles south of Lynda’s farm, although we could have sure used a bit more regular rain. The lake is still very, very low from lack of appreciable rain.
Below is a picture of the finished tractor shed shell (without roof) and I’m still admiring our finished barn.        

 We can now measure accurately and order the roof metal...
 Vick and I are rather proud of our building skills...
We consider these buildings our masterpieces and labors of love...

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  1. I know what you mean about the breeze disappearing. This morning I woke up and it was a splendid 68 degrees and a nice cool breeze. So much nicer than the mid to high 90s we have been having. I decided to shut off the A/C and open the windows today. About the time I opened the windows the breeze quit and the heat started in again.
    We finally got some much needed rain the other day also. I bet its been a good month since we have had rain here. Every where around us has had thunderstorms, but you can watch it on the radar split, and go right around us. The other night and day it finally hit us. It was a nice slow steady rain, the kind that soaks in and doesn't just run off. Only downfall is, now I need to mow my yard lol.
    Your tractor shed is turning out amazing, you and Vick should be proud of your work. The barn looks great too, I'm glad that you stayed with the natural look instead of the red. Have a wonderful day and don't work too hard!


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