Monday, September 2

If Didn’t Rain Yesterday…The Humidity Felt Like It Was Anyway…

Yes, we decided not to work on the tractor shed yesterday after Vick was outside talking to a friend who dropped some grapes off. Vick mentioned that she was sweating terribly just standing there talking and there was no way we could work in that humidity. With that, we did other things inside. I worked on the new web site I’m designing for a very nice lady called Chef Gail, from Long Island. It was a fruitful day for her, even though she didn’t realize it because I go a really good start on a nine page site for her.
Today however, we must lay computer work aside and get back to finishing the tractor shed so we can order the steel roofing which will take the better part of a week to arrive. We have the one bay back wall to finish and the gable end nearest the road yet, so we’ll attack that and then go to roof purling's.
We now have two new turkey chicks with Mama(s) out in the grass happily pecking around. The other five eggs in the incubator are close to hatching I do believe, because when I added a little water this morning, I heard cheeping in the eggs, so there is a viable possibility of five more chicks. We are leaving these chicks to the mother to raise them, because we haven’t had any luck what-so-ever with caring for them. The three that hatched and we took away to put under lights and care for all died as of last week. In a case such as this, we might as well allow nature to take its normal course and they will survive or they will not…but any way you look at it, it will not be something we have done. The eggs were put in the incubator because the two hens left the nest with the first hatchling, leaving the eggs to chill by not returning to them. We candled them and seeing movement of live chicks, we opted to put them in the incubator for their last part of life’s journey of hatching. We immediately return them to Momma(s) as soon as they are dry and fluffy. So good so far!
I enjoy being on the farm…seeing life emerge…and death remove he old and sick. It is a good life and can really be appreciated by viewing the many wonders of life and how the animal world evolves. It is us that God chose to be the animals’ keepers…to care for them, protect and use them for ourselves. Life on the farm makes perfect sense and we love it.

 They sure are busy little guys....

 It's like...."Hey Mom, he's looking at us!"

 Five more brothers or sisters in here...
 The eggs rock around and you can hear the chirping...
The boys are staying near the barn hearing thunder...
Poor Gladys' wing is really ratty from dragging...
I must say that God certainly must shake his head in disgust and his eyes must surely be full of tears as he watches what we do to one another beyond the animal kingdom. Brother killing brother…lying, cheating and stealing for one’s own profit.
I am appalled by the actions of the Middle East people. Not that I judge them or believe I’m better than they are, or that they are all bad, but…to watch the Syrian leader hack open the chest of an enemy soldier, tearing out his heart and liver and eating it is something barbaric that lets us see the evil in Islamic beliefs. It is bad enough that they kill one another and spill the blood of innocent woman and children, but to resort to cannibalism is the epitome of the dark side and an ungodly presence.
I truly believe we need to stay out of this one and let them kill one another if they want to. Protect America, because neither side over there seems to be in the right and we shouldn’t get involved….especially with cannibals!
I pray for the world and that God will turn things around in the United States for us all…and protect us from terrible, underhanded, hateful people and politicians.     

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  1. Well said!!! I agree we should leave well enough alone on this one! We have enough of our own problems to deal with, without adding another war to it that we have nothing to do with.

    Cute pics of all your farm critters and I love the little fuzzy turkeys.


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