Sunday, September 1

Hi from the Cluckin’ “A” Farm Busy Site….

Wow, we’re about as busy as a cat covering doody on a hot tin roof…We can seldom stop in one place for more than a few minutes or we get burned and never get done.
We took the day yesterday and went to the garlic and herb festival in Bennington, VT…even though it rained. We arrived as it was beginning to sprinkle, but when we entered the grounds, it stopped. We did not get rain again until we started to the parking lot and our car. We met our friend Jordan there and walked around with her as we picked up many different kinds of garlic to use and grow for next year. It was really hot and muggy there and having rows of pop-ups and tents lined up in rows, with no space between them, were perfect wind blocks. You could have sweat running down into your shoes after just walking one row of vendors.
We made our rounds and bought many kinds of garlic before calling it quits and going into an air conditioned antique store to re-cooperate. While there, we ran onto a beautiful Norwegian spinning wheel from the mid 1800’s. It has a name on it and the date written is noted as the wedding date of the owner’s parents, so I guess it was handed down and made the trip from Norway to North Dakota where it was finally purchased in an antique shop there in 1967. Below are some pictures which everyone always likes. We have two of the tractor shed and one of the spinning wheel as Vick tried it out.
One reason I’m late with today’s post is because I am also making a web page for a catering business in Long Island. We’ll put a link to that as soon as I get it on-line and you can all stop in and say hello to Chef Gail.  
Today we will work at putting the rest of the board on the sidewalls and then go to the roofing purling's to be ready for the steel roofing which we will also order today.
Keep watching…….

 One bay and a side to go....then the roof purling's....
We're on the way to getting the equipment inside again
 What a beautiful piece of history Vick now has to spin on...

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