Thursday, September 12

One Cloud Carries The Rain of a Bigger Cloud Sometimes…

I’ve been working on the web site for Chef Gail Chandler of, A Cake Lady, On the Scene Cuisine. Gourmet Italian catering & CAKES from down in Jericho, New York (on Long Island) and since the URL was existing, I had quite a time getting the name servers updated and pointing to the new web page. I met a very special man named Anthony who had handled Chef Gail’s original web site through his place of business with a staff of associates in Internet Business. I contacted him because I couldn’t get into Chef Gail’s registrar to update her account for and he helped. The man informed me that he had just lost his Father two days prior to my contacting him and he was on his way to make arrangements or attend a service or meeting to that regard. I immediately gave my condolences and told him not to worry about it until he was back to work again…that we could wait until then. He said, “No, no…I don’t want to let Gail hanging, because this is her business and I want to resolve this and help her out.” I was amazed that the man stopped in the middle of grieving and pulled her site up and physically updated her name servers for me on the spot.
In the next sentence, he asked if I would be willing to do some web site work for him when they are backed up and shorthanded. Of course, I graciously accepted his invitation to do so and will be excited to hear from him the next time they need to subcontract out some work. Doing this would be a most welcome addition to our retirement income and give me something to do in the long winter months too. I must admit though, if Anthony never contacts me for help, I am still privileged to have met a man who cared that much about another person during this time of grief.
Today, since it is raining off and on and calling for major rain this afternoon and all night long, we will go to Lowe’s to see if we can find some cute carriage lamps for the new tractor shed. We need four, one to a front post with very low wattage bulbs. It will really be for the ambiance rather than lighting the area, because there will be three bay lights on the ceiling in each of the tree areas, controlled by a switch when needed. The roofing may show up on Friday and then we can arrange their delivery day. As soon as it comes, we can throw it up on the top of the building which is finished and awaiting the metal roofing. With it on and the trim applied, we will have a beautiful tractor shed and the winter wood pellets can then be delivered.  What a good feeling…
Next will be the repairs to the Bilco door at the basement entrance outside and then we will be finished and ready for fall. Right on TIME!!!

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