Wednesday, September 11

Summer Seems To Have Returned From The Past Tense…

It appears there will be the usual bout between the seasons again this year. In the left corner is autumn…pushed and goaded into fighting for top billing by winter, lurking behind the scenes. In the right corner, we have a shortly lived summer, fighting…trying to cling to survival against insurmountable odds, with no one in her corner to cheer her on but the waiting crowd.
We know all too well what the outcome will be after the next several weeks of rounds between the two. The fight could end anytime with a knockout blow…even before the main round on the 22nd.
Yesterday, we were in Glens Falls, at the Hyde Museum to see the current showing of a most talented artist entitled, “Modern Nature: Georgia O’Keefe and Lake George”.
It was a complete story of her start in the artistic world, how her work evolved to its crescendo and life with Alfred Stieglitz who displayed her artwork in 1916 before he ever even met her…After one meeting in New York about her displayed art, and upon his asking, she accepted Stieglitz's invitation to move to New York to devote all of her time to her work. The two fell deeply in love, and shortly after her arrival, they began living together, even though the then-married Stieglitz was 23 years her senior. In 1924 Stieglitz's divorce was finally approved by a judge, and within four months he and O'Keeffe married. I think this woman had a fabulous life and lived as she wanted to regardless of what the world thought of the way she lived it. She passed away in 1986 at the age of 98. It was a real treat to see and only made better by the company of our friend’s Lynda and Lois.
After the viewing, we had lunch at a little Pub in town and started home. What a wonderful day for Vick and I with our friends.

 Artwork out in front of the museum
 The Downtown City Tavern or DTCT

Lynda and Lois...our friends
Once home, we took care of the animals feeding and watering, after which, I began the task of finalizing the uploading of files for the web page I developed quickly for  
We now have to do the fine tuning and tweaking since Chef Gail can now see the site and how she would like to change it.

Today, Vick is show a group of women the procedure to process fiber from beginning to end, including picking, cleaning, washing, dying, drying, carding and finally spinning. It will be a day long process I believe…although I’ve been told it will only be a few hours. I’ll take pictures of the ladies are agreeable…

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