Friday, November 1

Sometimes Fast, Sometimes Slow, Change All The Same…


In Just the last day or so I heard of two separate incidents that kind of restores my hope in the human race. In New Hampshire, a stepmother named Christina Morancie went into the Whitefield post office to mail a large care package collected by numerous people to her stepson. When she gave the package to postal worker and veteran Gardner Chamberlin, he simply said, “Okay, your all set…” The package was $60.00 to send and Chamberlin reached into his own pocket to pay for the package as a way of giving back too.
Another act of kindness took place in Buffalo, NY when Darnell Barton, a bus driver noticed a woman standing on a narrow ledge on the wrong side of a handrail over a very busy freeway. Fearing she would jump, he pulled the bus over and spent twenty minutes with the lady, finally getting her to step back over the handrail to safety and stayed with her…encouraging her until help arrived, before resuming his bus route. He didn’t even tell his bosses about the incident and a day later, they found they employed a hero.
How wonderful this world would be if everyone today would simply do one kind deed for another human being.
Vick and I believe that we are here in this life to learn, give, help and love those around us as these two people did yesterday. I still believe kindness and love can overcome the cruel torturing, killing and hatred displayed everyday in the Middle East; unbelievably…committed in God’s name! I just know that if I or anyone else is ever killed by a terrorist or crazy Muslim radical, God would pluck our soul from our body and spare us the pain in their joyful killing. We all live in free will and there doesn’t have to be any killing anywhere…for any reason. I would never want innocent blood on my hands when I meet God for my life’s review. I have enough other transgressions to answer for that has been forgiven, even though they are still mine to answer for. Shedding the blood of the innocent is one thing God hates and I’m sure repentance carries a heavy burden in the end.
Do something nice for yourself today. Help someone in need! You can never buy the feelings you’ll have after helping someone… even if you are a millionaire! Believe me…

Today, we did a lot of running around and purchasing containers for yarn and fiber. When we got home, Lynda came over again to help us install the three remaining doors which we are suing for shelves. When we finished hanging them, we gave up for the day because my feet were killing me.
(And besides…Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin was coming on at 8:00 PM)
Below are two pictures of the shelves before covering them and installing the front board lips to hold items from slipping off. These shelves will display a very large amount of merchandise…and the yarn pockets we are installing in the big furniture piece is outrageously cool. I’ll have better pictures tomorrow morning.    

We found the drawer containers for raw fiber at Wal-Mart...

completing the hanging of the shelves so Vick can cover them...
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