Thursday, October 31

Time Fly’s Faster Than A Speeding Locomotive…

Wow, it’s Halloween…the last day of October already. Tomorrow will be November 1st, putting us rapidly on the downhill slope toward winter. We don’t do anything in recognition of Halloween…not because we don’t believe in it, but that it doesn’t support our spiritual belief of the afterlife. We usually have something for any neighbor kids that come by, but we only do that to be neighborly. Enough said on the subject of the holiday……
Yesterday we made a bunch of errand stops for animal feed, a stop at the grocery store for people feed, a stop at the neighborhood equestrian shop for a coat for Allie and then some stops for friends, to feed their animals.
After dinner, we went to the farm shop to work on the shelves. Thank goodness Lynda came over to visit, because it took all three of us to hang the shelves. They look rather good, and Vick will cover them and we’ll add a raised lip at the lower end to keep the yarns from fall off the angled shelves. I have added pictures below to keep you updated. Watch tomorrow for more and better pictures as we continue to revamp the shop and add merchandise. We plan to hit it hard and have the shop open sometime next week or next week-end. Keep watching for the announcement.

 1st shelves installed. Need edged to keep yarns from sliding off.
 Finished area with merchandise...
 Had to order more hanger clips...EXPENSIVE!!! Yikes
The shelves will hold lots and give space under for tots of fiber....
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  1. The shop is coming along nicely, I wish I lived closer so I could come for a visit and check it out.


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