Tuesday, October 29

Making Big Changes For The Holidays…

Yesterday was the usual wash…where we sacrifice the things we want to do for the necessary needs like acupuncture, hitting the Hannaford across the street, lunch at the Tai restaurant and then home. We had extra stops yesterday at Staples where we created our Cluckin’ “A” Farm & Fiber Shop banner.
Last week we were in there to make the tag & Card for the shop.
Below are some pictures of the progress we are making toward getting the farm store opened for the holidays. Keep watching as we add yarn shelves in the large piece of furniture and several rows along the rear wall.
Today we’ll work with Josh and then work in the shop finishing the art hangings and installing said shelves. There is a lot to do and it’s exciting…Keep watching every day for updates.

 Artwork and fiber comb sets...
 We'll build pigeon hole for yard in this piece...
 Excellent use for old louver doors Jiri....Thanks a million!
 Honey, Maple Syrup and other farm goods...

I also threw in two of Stockbridge, MA in front of the Red Lion Inn, where we met Vick's aunt & uncle to have dinner a week or so ago. A beautiful place!!  

 Left & right of main entrance to Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, MA

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