Friday, October 25

Look Within…The Answers To Success Are All There…

Have you ever had the urge to do something? Have you ever thought something like, “I should call my folks just to see how they are doing”? The phone rings a few seconds later…and you hear one of your folks on the other end saying that the other parent isn’t feeling well or maybe something as simple as…they need your help in some way. How about when you are standing in a store or on the street and you feel as though someone is watching you…so you turn to look directly at someone staring at you. You don’t look around until you finally see them. You look directly at them, as if they called to you. Have you ever wondered where something was; only to have a thought pop into your head, telling you that it was in a spot that you never put it? Later you find a family member had placed it there in hast and forgot to tell you they had moved it? Have you ever noticed movement out of the corner of your eye that suggested someone walked past you…so you turn quickly to see and no one is there? This, my friends is your sixth sense.

The sixth sense, or subtle perception ability as it is also known, is the ability we all possess to perceive a subtle-dimension or unseen world of angels, ghosts, Heaven, etc. It also includes our ability to understand the subtle cause and effect relationship behind many events, which is beyond the understanding of our intellect. Extrasensory perception (ESP), clairvoyance, premonition and intuition are synonymous with the sixth sense or subtle perception ability we all have. Many people don’t experience anything beyond what I’ve described in the first paragraph because of self-sabotage. I believe we all suffer from some form of self-sabotage and if you think long and hard enough, you’ll begin to recognize yours. The failure to do something you have always dreamed of can be one form. You find a million excuses to (sabotage) not bring your dream to fruition because you’re really afraid you’ll fail at it. Perhaps you secretly wish to be more openly clairvoyant, sharing your special gift with others, but you never cultivate the gift because of the fear of ridicule from those around you. Perhaps you are bitter and short tempered because of something that happened years ago and you cannot enjoy life now because of memories…these are all examples of self-sabotage…and there are many more beyond what I could possibly mention here.
What I do know…and what I am constantly working on myself…daily…is resolving my underlying issues. One way to actively work on resolution is to first and foremost understand that you will believe yourself over anyone else in the world. You can work with the greatest doctors, psychics and other people, but you can sabotage and defeat anything they offer as a way to improve your life. The first person you must believe in and trust is yourself. You have to search inside yourself and look at the years of hurt, hate, unhappiness, knowledge and experiences that affect your present life and come to grips with the fact that you need not lie to yourself. As you begin to understand the things and patterns that motivate self-sabotage, you begin to free yourself by allowing interaction with yourself and the world with greater success, joy, and fulfillment. Overcoming self-sabotage and finding the wisdom inside the wounds you've endured is one of the most important conversations you'll ever have with yourself. Honor it and know that it will change your life more and more as you progress. Take inventory of all the hurt and life’s lessons you have learned or endured…There are always good and bad experiences in almost all of those life lesson and the key is to pool the good ones in your memory of knowledge and find what good is hidden in the toxic lessons before you release them. Find the hidden, unconscious patterns that lead to the sabotage of your dreams…perhaps it may be simply hurt or unmet needs, such as recognition that plague you. Break that trace of denial and recognize for yourself that you are a special soul and have many gifts to offer…so get with it and develop them for the world to behold. All the gifts you have to give are contained within yourself and your power…no one else. Make peace with any pain you find within, extract all the good karma from that pain when you have the inner discussion with yourself. A better life is waiting within you. 

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