Tuesday, December 24

There Is A Definite Reason For The Season…Promote It Please…

And they wrapped the Christ child in swaddling clothing and lay him in a manger...

Merry Christmas…one and all…from the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm and the NEW Cluckin’ “A” Farm and Fiber Shop.
The time has come…the day is here…the little ones need only wait for this evening and bedtime before Ol’ Saint Nick will once again fill their hearts and memories with love, happiness and excitement. I remember as a boy of ten, getting up on Christmas morning to open presents under the tree. Though I loved Christmas, I never really knew the real meaning of the holiday until much later in life. My parents didn’t really embrace anything except Santa Clause and the music and camaraderie of family and friends, but the birth of Christ was absent, I’m ashamed to say…Oh, my Mom and Dad believed in the real meaning of Christmas, but they didn’t portray it very well beyond knowing about it. I learned about it at different times during my life as I grew and matured…and now only embrace the real meaning, for I am no longer a child, nor do I have children around us for the holidays. My kids are doing what they should do, some three hundred miles away…with their own kids…making memories. I know my kids are creating excitement this Christmas Eve by telling the kids Santa Clause will soon be coming, but I know they are also telling the kids about baby Jesus and his birth in Bethlehem on Christmas Day so very long ago.

In today’s “politically correct world”, where Jesus is forced out of everything…and God is shamed by men killing innocent people in his name, the very least we can do is make sure that God and his son are in our hearts and that we make sure our children know why we celebrate Christmas and keep it all about the baby born to save the world.

Have a safe and peaceful Christmas Eve and Christmas day, filled with love and laughter and God’s precious gift of the Christ child’s birth…and long remember that he is the reason for the season. Embrace it…give it as a gift of remembrance to those you love, for one day they will behold the lamb of God in person, so make sure he is pleased that you remembered and worshiped him.

Merry Christmas and God bless us, Everyone… 
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